Should I Try This?

Technorati Weblog: Become one of 50 bloggers to go backstage at Live 8

I would really be crazy not to. Check this out, though.

The plight of the children starving in Africa is one of serious concern considering our materialistic nature. I'm materialistic as hell and I don't even want to be. I don't even try to be. I just like stuff. So, I know that this is something that I should do to be a better person.

We'll see, I guess. Check my site tonight to see if there's any Live 8 activity going on...


Chicago Heat and The Planets Align

Needless to say, this June in Chicago has been quite hotter than any average June that Chicagoans have experienced before...

Over on Tom Skilling's blog (WGN Weather), he's got the breakdown...

It's going to continue to be hot, and it's going to continue to be spacey in the Windy City...

I Smack Spiders

I love being able to write down ideas for the Live Music Blog while sitting on a pier overlooking a lake. Yes, I am quite the early riser. I got up at 8:30 after I saw a spider climbing on Katie. What do I do?! Smack it off. Wake her and warn her first. Fall back to sleep?

With such a dilemma at hand, it was hard to know what the right decision would be. I chose to very confidently say, "Katie..."


SMACK!!@! That spider was sent halfway across the universe of the lakehouse. It really only traveled about three feet and disppeared...

I figured it was probably time to stay awake...

Expect More Photos in the Future

Well, thanks be to Blogger for providing some great enhancements over the weekend while I was in Indiana. Expect more photos coming from me in the upcoming months. I need to finally learn how to use my digital camera that Katie knows so well...


I'm Proud of Myself

So, it's 12:26 on Friday morning and I don't think I've been up this late on a weekday night for quite a while. Unfortunately, I really think it's been too long. I'm no longer in college. I work full-time. I have a career. I have a full-time hobby. These things tend to cut into my relaxation time. I do understand that they cut into everyone's relaxation time, but obviously mine is the most important...

All I can say is that I'm going through an early life crisis. What the hell do I want to do with my life? What a good question, and I'm sure that everyone around the world is asking themselves that same question...

I know that I need to change the way I eat. I'm going to start reading cooking books that will teach me how to use the freshest ingredients to create good meals. That would be nice.


BBQ Love

Today, Katie and I hosted our second family BBQ at our new apartment. So far, I enjoy being the one cooking and hosting other people. It's actually kind of fun. In a weird way, but definitely still fun.

We made teriyaki chicken, corn-on-the-cob, pasta salad, watermelon slices, taco dip and margaritas. Yeah, it was awesome.

All in all, my Father's Day was pretty good.


Tom Skilling is the Best Weatherman in the World

"What a truly delightful airmass..."

Oh man. He's awesome.


The Sopranos: Season Five is Amazing!

So, the past three days have allowed me to completely veg and focus on the blog, relaxation, The Sopranos: Season Five, more veggin', chilling, not working out, you know, the use.

It's been really nice, actually. I tend to get stressed out in situations that should not cause a person stress, so I feel like it's a good weekend if I can say that it was relaxing. Cheers to that!

Tonight, I was thinking about seeing the newest Star Wars that I still have not seen yet. Yes, I'm am probably about the only one that hasn't seen it yet. Well, me and Katie. Today, I sent an email to many people that I have not talked to in a while and basically informed them that we've moved and I now work on a blog part-time (soon to be full-time, fingers crossed). They probably think I'm a nutcase. Suits them right! When I'm a bajillionaire from my blog empire about hippies and headies, we'll see who's laughing then...

A Weekend of Laziness

This weekend has been one of those weekends that you actually have to wonder if you got anything accomplished. After moving a month and a half ago, you start to get comfortable with not completely finishing the unpacking process. Boxes are still sitting in our general seating areas.

I've been doing a lot of blogging this weekend. Plus, I've done two podcasts this weekend, as well. Talk about productive...


I'm Sweating

The Chicago heat has set in nicely, and I'm beginning to have a problem with the amount of clothes I can run through in a given day. In fact, I'm sweating right now.

Happy Friday.


Check out Star Wars Gangsta Rap SE

I've been enjoying this animation for quite some time since my brother-in-law filled me in. Now, obviously on the heels of the Revenge of the Sith release, Atom Films has released their Special Edition of "Star Wars Gangsta Rap".

So awesome...

Daily Dilbert Rules

I love Dilbert. He speaks the truth. The comic is hugely, amazingly, accurate sometimes. Expect more of these bad boys as I get them.

Thanks Daily Dilbert!

Oh my god! I hope I get the Sopranos: Season 5 tomorrow...


Get Your Netflix Queue Ready

The Sopranos - The Complete Fifth Season comes out tomorrow on DVD. Oh my god!

Skinny Justin to Follow

Ugh, today was one new day in the start of skinny Justin. It sucked. I had Subway for lunch and pasta for dinner. It was boring. I'm going to be negative about it, even though hugely surprisingly, I was getting compliments on how happy and cheery I usually am. Tough.

It's because I had Kraftwerk in my head all day. Seriously, all day. Almost every song that I saw live, I was reliving it. All day. It was such a good feeling to see a concert like that this weekend. Kraftwerk blew everyone away without doing anything but 30 years of hard work. Well, maybe they did show up and boot up their laptops. Maybe they visited the Live Music Blog before they started The Man Machine...


Time for a Justin Change

Tomorrow, Katie and I are turning over a new leaf on a certain aspect of our life. I'm excited. In fact, I'm super excited.

It's time to exercise. It's time to get in shape. Seriously, the struggle has gone on too long. My weight has continually gone up, and it's time for that to stop.

Also, expect some more activity out of me in the near future. I recently attended the Kraftwerk concert in Chicago, and it was one of the best concerts I've ever seen. That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside...