Sunday, April 09, 2006

World Champion-sorta Week

World Champs!, originally uploaded by justinpward.

I'm at my PC on a beautiful Sunday morning in Chicago getting some Live Music Blog maintenance done (specifically, those nasty comment-spammer traps) and listening to a great new podcast that I'm going to get posted on Live Music Blog later (thanks AD!).

This week was beyond amazing for me. I started this great new job (actually last week, but close enough) that you might have read about, but if you haven't, let me explain it again. I started work at FeedBurner, the leader in the world of web publishing feed management and statistics. It's up-there with the most exciting stuff I've gotten to touch with my own hands, and I've only been in there for two weeks.

I finally feel that I have a place and it's hugely exciting for me. I feel that I'm going to make a solid, immediate impact and hopefully the rest of the web publishing world will be better as a result. That's so exciting to me that I'm up early on a Sunday morning thinking about it. Think about that!

I skipped a couple shows this week out of sheer exhaustion, but let me rephrase what that exhaustion really is--we had plans this weekend that did not include staying up super-late listening to jamband music. I only have so much energy for that at the moment. It's really quite sad, but I think that Jam in the 'Dam festival really took the "jam" out of my sails. Music is music. But jamband music can be amazing or really boring, like any form of music really...I think I've just been listening to too much of it.

The Cubs started off the season doing pretty good, currently standing at 3-1 with the anticipation of another meeting with the Cardinals (we're 2-0 in that series, by the way). On the other hand, the Sox started the season rather dismally. Bummer for my South Side familia, but good for my North Sider social's always a tradeoff and I'm sure those scales will tip back in the Sox's direction by the end of the year. A man can dream about the Cubs, and that man won't be me this season. I'm a fair-weather fan until the All Star break. I'm calling it...

This week, I have the spring in Chicago to look forward to, paying our taxes, rebeginning my workout routine, the new Lotus album, a new episode of Lost, and some great new guest-bloggers on the Live Music Blog that will surely help to bring some new blood around...

Until next time, peace out.


Jake Parrillo said...

Kinda nice working at a place that makes you excited about coming in, isn't it?

I still can't quite get over it...

6:03 PM  
Justin said...

Heya Jake, thanks for stopping by.

Yeah, it's everything I would be able to ever hope for in a job. I'm all about spreading the gospel now...

6:48 PM  

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