overlap in blog land

so, for some reason i decided that i wanted to write for three different blogs. not only do i want to write for them, i want to be the administrator for them. i want to control everything about them. i don't really exactly know why. it's sort of confusing to me at the moment. i don't think it's bad. i'm just starting to have problems figuring out where i want to blog what.

really, this isn't a problem. i created this problem for myself, and i'm going to overcome this self-inflicted affliction.


the best of the live music blog

beastie boys are coming to chicago
"justin and friends with the beastie boys? now that's one winning combination"

string cheese incident gets political
"whether or not you believe music and politics should mix, this should be cool"

go see ben kweller
"le peuple de la France éprouvera également ben pendant le mois d'octobre."


the best of the leftorium

movie reviews that are better somewhere else
"He's redesigned(?) his movie reviews..."

democrats - dry your eyes!
"I'm not the only one who wants the democrats to stop crying."

google browser in preproduction
"Google in browser form would be awesome."


spread firefox has already broken one million downloads
i've been using this browser since about version 0.7. i've been extremely happy with all the features that just completely dwarf the functionality of internet explorer. try it and don't go back.

jenna morasca stars in new ad for dissection alternatives
and you better believe it has something to do with taking off her clothes. she is pretty hot though. let's be honest here.


macaulay culkin released after drug arrest : ap
we can cross this one of the list of things we knew would happen. i can't wait for the olsen twins to pose in playboy. you KNOW it will happen.

rick james had nine different drugs in his system when he died : mtv
uhm, he's super freaky?

g.i. joe public service announcements : fenslerfilm
better grap these while you can. unless that cease and desist order on his home page is just a joke. it'd be a pretty good one too. it definitely would have taken just a little too long to actually doctor and create that note yourself.

the future of america : yahoo
so scary.

seniors rule : planet dan
check out this collection of some of the lamest senior pictures every found on the internet. it takes me back.


firefox drawing fans away from microsoft ie : cnet news.com
seriously now, if you haven't downloaded this browser, just try it. it's ideal for any sort of serious computer user.


notes: cubs again shorthanded : cubs.com
i love the fact that nomar is out when we need him most. i also love the fact that farnsworth hurt himself. what a team player. "Farnsworth suffered the injury after angrily kicking a metal fan in the clubhouse tunnel." idiot.


oprah winfrey gives cars to audience
this would actually make me consider going to see oprah. i personally like dr. phil much better. you never know what will come out of his mouth.

corn maze: bush vs. kerry
i've driven by this place. this is the route that i take to alpine valley whenever i see a concert there. this looks like it would be fun.


Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Four Years Ago? : BuzzFlash
man, this is depressing. the numbers don't lie.


aron ralston is my hero

well, due to my recent bout with a cold, my wife and i stayed home last night. we caught the story of aron ralston's adventure in blue john canyon in utah during a hiking trip last year. i have to say that this is one of the most amazing things i've ever heard in my life. if you get a chance, check out the dateline special with aron. it's done very well and not overly sensational. also, it really shows you what he had to go through. yes, say what you will, he made a mistake by not telling anywhere where he was going. but, that helps to explain his will and his drive and the way he got through the problem he got himself into. i'm going to read his book, between a rock and a hard place, starting today.

one hand gone, but not his spirit

freeipods woes

so, nobody i know has "completed" their offer yet. i'm going forward with asking for another round of people to help me on my quest. if you think that this is not legitimate, then please go to google and type in free ipods. believe me, this is completely legit. it's just a matter of convincing the people you know that it is legit (which i seem to have a problem with). i'm also running into the problem that people i know that have purchased ipods are unwilling to help me, as they feel that would be unfairly awarding me for my "cheapness" and allowing me to collect that prize that they had to work so diligently for. well my friends, i ask of you, please sign up for my free ipods link and click "complete offer". i suggest the infone link or the aol link. seriously though, just do ten seconds worth of research on the internet and you'll find that it is legit. as you can see by my previous posts, i'm itching and dieing to get me an ipod. i'll probably purchase one soon just because i'm impatient.


city plans camera surveillance web
welcome to chicago, the city of big brother.


my theory of blogs

i don't believe that a good blog is simply ramblings, rants, discussions, or talking points. i believe that a blog should a ridiculous look at somebody's life and the internet that they all know and love. and least, that sounds good again in theory.
firefox toolbar
if you're still using internet explorer, then you are missing out on how the web should look, feel, act, smell, respond to your passions...

it was too good to last...
this guy was awesome. he's probably in the guinness book of world records for this accomplishment.


griping about on-air remarks takes to the air
this really is one way to take the attention off the way the cubs are playing and put it on the announcers.


bush: ob-gyns kept from 'practicing their love'
view the video clip here. i assume this is his run at swinging women voters. it's too bad that statements like this probably have more influence on lesbian voters.

kerry makes push for contrast with president
"w stands for wrong..."

Why I Will Not Seek a Best Documentary Oscar (I'm giving it up in the hopes more voters can see "Fahrenheit 9/11") by Michael Moore

i highly doubt that he will get this shown on television, but you've got to love his drive.

the rings of saturn shown in color by temperature
i need to start browsing the nasa website more.

o'reilly, running man?
help us, jebus. thanks wonkette.

more cities accommodating street skaters
i can remember tearing apart the entire town of geneva. we would spend days just driving around trying to find places to skate that we would not get kicked out of. i really miss the old skateboarding justin. it's unfortunate. well, people grow up.


ipod culture

i'm definitely interested in buying an ipod. i really don't know what is stopping me so much. i have roughly 30gb of music on my hard drive. this would lead me to believe that i could easily fill up a good portion of any size ipod and i could bring it on my way. that would be awesome. i know my brother-in-law has an ipod mini. can anyone give me an feedback for why i should not own an ipod with the current state of the digital and portable music? just curious obviously.

also, i'm thinking about devoting myself full-time to an ipod related blog. the problem is, i'm spreading myself too thin i believe. i'm interested in music. i'm interested in technology. i'm interested in politics and liberal ideas. can i really expect to write about all these topics all at once and at the same time? all the while maintaining a meaningful relationship with my wife and being successful in my career? i don't think so. bummer.
netflix and tivo to announce partnership, offer downloadable movies
as if i needed another reason to love my dsl connection. i'm sure that there would be a premium for this.


"jeopardy" master ready to return to action
dude, i could beat him. "what is...mount suvious?"

now playing: britney spears - toxic
seriously, i like this song. is that wrong? i really don't think it is. i think it's funky. probably the best song that she's ever released. i'd like to see a lot more of this (and britney) in the near future. "YEAH!@!@!!@@#!@" screams 'lil jon

the 10 most hated men in rock
besides sting of course.

dj danger mouse the grey album
download this if you haven't yet. it's sweet. poor dj danger mouse is going to get his pants sued off.

guam represent


sex, pot, rock and roll
so, uhm, why have i not signed up for this yet?

movable type 3.1 still a developer edition?
i've still been toying with the idea of moving melody to funkytown over to movable type. the thing is, it's definitely nice to rely on movable type, as it runs on its own server. this, as opposed to blogger, which features frequent outages. i think they need to start limiting the people that can create a blogger account.

the wild rumpus has begun!
totally awesome use of my favorite children's book, where the wild things are.

the larry king osama bin laden interview
for one split second, i thought mr. sun had the exclusive.

bill clinton to undergo bypass surgery
so, this is caused by junk food? i better watch out. mental note: start eating food that is good for me. i'm reminded of that wonderful skit on saturday night live when "clinton" visits a mcdonalds and eats off everyone's plate.

michael moore usa today columns

why democrats shouldn't be scared : september 3, 2004
"my friends — and i include all democrats, independents and recovering republicans in this salutation — do not be afraid. "

don't send more kids to die : september 2, 2004
"and they claimed to have seen their boogieing parents 'shake it like a polaroid picture.'"

the ebert and mccain show : september 1, 2004
"the problem is, he hasn't seen the movie..."

the gop doesn't reflect america : august 31, 2004
"they blame Democrats for wanting to take their money. never mind that it's republican tax cuts for the rich and billions spent on the iraq war that have created the largest deficits in history and will put all of us in hock for years to come."

to me, there's nothing more satisfying than to see michael moore succeed. he doesn't even have a college degree. that is impressive considering the amount of attention he receives. i just hope that he's not overly optimistic about the upcoming election. maybe i'm becoming overly pessimistic. that's something that i should probably work on; i should think that america will be smart enough come november 2.


when nerds protest
this speaks volumes to me.

president bush and baby
this baby looks thrilled. maybe he's making number two in his diaper.

satellite image of hurricane frances
uhm, run for your lives.


mtv video music awards play-by-play
this really did suck a lot. although, i wish i would have caught outkast. ghettomusik > hey ya! that sounds tight.

indians 22 - yankees 0
ouch. that one hurts. the worst shut out in american league history.

fired for blogging
maybe if this occurred at some lame public accounting firm, i would understand this. it just seems weird that a company credited with helping the social software wave move forward would take two steps back by firing one of their employees for blogging.

geneva sex assault culprit sought in batavia
this occurred probably less than a quarter-mile from where i grew up. truly depressing, scary, and all out weird. this sort of thing just doesn't happen in geneva.

alan keyes is a complete idiot
i really really think that he's an idiot. republican, democrat, whatever.

ruff ruff ruff!
maybe this blogging stuff has gotten out of control (see here, here, and here)

dave matthew's band lyrics that suddenly have taken on new meaning
too funny.

i'd like to thank kottke.org for a lot of my links today. i wonder how he finds some of this stuff.

on an unrelated note, i did not have dsl service all day yesterday. torture. i didn't realize how much i rely on this technology to stay in touch with the world, friends, news, blogs, etc. i practically had a breakdown. well, there's probably other reasons for that.