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the new los lobos album is pretty sweet. it's called "the ride". this band has been around for so many years, and it's really good to see them getting out and producing the music that they've perfected. it's also extremely refreshing to see a band really sticking to what they know best; i don't imagine a techno album coming from them anytime soon. read the review from the onion's av club; follow this link.

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live music blog updated

hello all in blog land. i'm frequently updating the live music blog in order to get it looking professional. anyone that would like to contribute, please email me (my friends that like music; i'm staring at you). it's definitely not meant to only encompass jambands; that's just all i know right now. ideally, it would cover many genres (my friends that like other genres; i'm staring at you). let me know if you'd be interested in writing a couple posts a week. that's all that i ask. email me.

in totally unrelated news, check out this great interview of michael moore by bill o'reilly. too funny to watch in my opinion. i really do love what michael moore stands for right now. he's not backing down. i honestly think he's trying to do this for the greater good and i love the fact that bill o'reilly can't confront him directly on the issue.

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teresa HEINZ kerry

it is just me, or am i crazy in thinking that teresa heinz kerry was married to the man behind heinz ketchup (obviously before john kerry).  is she?  i haven't looked it up or anything, i just thought i'd see who would weigh in on this thought.

update:  yes, she is the heir to the heinz ketchup fortune.  remember when they tried green ketchup?  eww.  (note:  i never actually tried it)  [read more]

And she is independently wealthy, to the tune of $550 million, from her first marriage to the late senator John Heinz, heir to the ketchup fortune.

i'm excited, as i've learned that i will be taking a trip to the tri-lakes area in indiana sometime late in august.  i probably won't try water skiing though; i'm a total wimp when it comes to that sort of activity.  plus, i don't like the idea that someone else has control over where i go and how fast i go.  i like to be in control of my own destiny.


beautiful blog!

i've had the pleasure recently of running into the antipixel.com blog.  i suggest you check out thier photo section; very well done and yet another inspiration for me to start a good blog.  i'm into it.  i'm ready to go.  i've got some tricks up my sleeve.  affirmative.  roger.

time for me to head to sleep.  come back often this week, as all of the readers can expect some wonderful updates.


name change?

i'm toying with the idea of switching over melody to funkytown to a new platform. i think that could be cool. if anyone thinks that would not be a good idea, then let me know. other than that, i think that moveable type is the way to go. i need to make sure of how many others i can say are allowed, but i think this is a much more powerful way to publish a blog that people will enjoy reading (as well as blogging). anyways, let me know what's up...

more to come later hopefully. i've got to finish the end to point break.


the governator strikes again

"i'll be back...next term!"



interesting blog that i've been reading lately; sort of the inspiration behind starting a blog in the first place. if only i had the insane time or something, this guy must publish in his sleep.

hope everyone has a good week doing whatever they do.


serious hard drive issues

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considering how early i went to bed last night, i would consider this sleeping unbelievably late. so, i need to buy a new computer and i have many options obviously. this computer that i'm typing on right now was built by mark and i. the problem is, it has almost always had some problem with it. so, i'm definitely considering buying a packaged computer from dell or compaq. i'm just not sure anymore, because having a prebuilt computer means that it comes with so much garbage on it. i guess worse things could happen. but, i'm thinking that if i bought a prebuilt computer, i could transfer my 40 gigs of mp3's over pretty easily. does anyone want to weigh in on this? what should i do? i want to decide pretty soon, because one of my hard drives is failing. i hear clicking noises that a power user should never hear. maybe i'll just buy a new hard drive instead. how big? as many gigs as my pocketbook can handle.

update: i bought a new computer; problem solved.


what's new in funkytown?

well, it's been a while since i last blogged. i mean, we've definitely been trying to put our blogging skills to some good use by starting up the live music blog. the idea behind it is to create a reputable news source for the best in live music. basically, post information about all the bands that we love best. if you're interested in getting some plugs for your favorite bands, send me the links. or, blog them here.

i'm definitely still working on this blog. i'm working to get some new people recruited that actually like to post. i understand that this can be daunting for some people. i also believe that blogging will be the email of the future, as this writer does (read this). if you know anyone that has something to say on the world wide web, let me know.

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this is real

uhhhhh. not sure how to comment on this. just read it for yourself...

Aid Workers Retrain Man Raised as Chicken

melody to funkytown burnout

it appears as though other bloggers throughout the world have this same problem as the bloggers on melody to funkytown. that's definitely unfortunate. at any rate, i think we can all work through this. work through the pain.

have you seen fahrenheit 9/11 yet? please weigh in on how it made you feel. my inlaws, clearly conservative for their entire life, went to see it this weekend. not likely it will change their vote in november (and not likely it will matter much in illinois), but nevertheless good to see people broadening their horizons.

by the way, tomorrow is my birthday. i accept paypal donations.


kerry and edwards in 2004

i have to say that i expected this. i'm excited because i think it will actually help his ticket.

in related news, i saw fahrenheit 9/11 this past holiday weekend. it is a good movie. bring a notebook, because it's definitely hard to keep up in some instances. i even read his last book, dude where's my country? so, that being said, go see it.

hopefully more to follow once i find a new job that will allow me to do this while i'm at work. man, that'd be awesome...


visit the live music blog

visit this site. tell your friends. tell your family. honestly, tell people to come to this site. now!


news that slipped through your crack

happy 4th of july of weekend to all melody to funkytown members.

  • umphrey's mcgee's new album, anchor drops, just came out. buy it and support this incredible band.
  • the director of homeland security, who clearly has more important things to do than look for osama bin laden or al qaeda, has issued the following warning. read more..., then download firefox.
  • an inspirational chihuahua takes his message on a japanese mini-tour...read more...

have a safe and drunken weekend and be sure to blog any good news stories that might have slipped through my crack during the weekend.


sony's take on the ipod

this sounds very promising indeed. i've been looking to purchase an ipod for a while, but i wish they would just lower the price. i could always get a pink ipod mini. that's hot.