Saturday, April 01, 2006

Cruel April Fool's Day Joke

I wake up this morning with notification that Live Music Blog has been shut down due to comment spam. Seriously.

This, and this alone, is something that I'm not fully equipped to handle at the moment. This is the last thing that I want to have to deal with this weekend, and my webhost has actually completely suspended my account (including all server assets) until I agree to pay $150 a month to put it back online. If you knew what I was paying before, you might say, "well, yes, that is a lot but it's still worth it or something like that..." Bullhonkey.

I'm pretty upset actually because I can't actually get through to my hosting company. I thought their support was solid, but I guess first thing on a Saturday morning isn't the best time to expect immediate service. I sat on hold for 35 minutes and then finally hung up. I am flooding their support system with great messages such as, "I'VE BEEN ON HOLD...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CALL ME?" You think they'll understand that?

Ugh, though...


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