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what a week. phish decided to break up. what's more, i can understand why. people are not as enthusiastic about them as they used to be. the members are not as enthusiastic about the band as they used to be. why would anyone want them to continue? although, i am very sad. they've provided me with countless moments to forget my own thoughts and just listen to music. forget all the troubles of the world and just listen to phish.

time to move on. there's more music to hear. there's always a band that you've never heard. that's something to be enthusiastic about...


Phish Breakup

R.I.P. - I am writing this because I know Justin is probably upset. Phish has broken up. Sorry, dude. Right when I was really starting to get into them. Later.

Friends Physically Fighting

Flight Problems- I was flying back from Bloomington to LA. I left Bloom. at 6pm CST, and got home at 5am CST. This is too much travel time. My flight from O'Hare was cancelled, then I got put on standby for the next flight, which was forever later. I made it, luckily. Airlines can really piss you off sometimes.

BUT, while I was home for the wedding of a good, childhood friend (instead of a bad one), at the reception, everyone (but I) was very drunk. Fast forward a few minutes, and you have Bestman grabbing Groomsman 1's ass (and Groomsman 1's wife's ass) simultaneously. Groomsman 1 punches Bestman in the eye, splitting head open. Groomsman 2 and Usher 2 try to restrain Groomsman 1. Groomsman 1 punches (and cuts) Usher 2's face, and breaks nose of Groomsman 2. Usher 1 (me) watches on in disbelief, as "country" friends beat each other up at mutual friend's wedding. sweet.


kill bill vol. 2 is also sweet. go see it.
kill bill vol. 1 is a really good movie. i've heard people say the stupidest criticisms about the movie. ignore them all. rent this movie.

would anyone be interested if i tried to add an rss feed to the blog? rss is a new way to syndicate news over the internet using xml. i could add a feed to the blog, and we would get news updates whenever we visited here (instead of actually navigating to yahoo.com for news). leave your feedback if you care.

as i figure out if it would be feasible for us to visit bloomington-normal soon, i'd just rather say that people should come up here to visit us. want to hit a cubs game? come see us. want to see concerts? come see us. is that wrong? in all seriousness, i would like to go to central illinois soon. it's been a long time since i've been there. i'm sure it would be fun. except for all the tornados...

peace :)



anyone else sick of all the pissing and moaning about gas prices? my solution: trade in your friggin' escalade!!!! my opinion: if skyrocketing gas prices are what it takes to get people to stop guzzling gas with their giant suv's then i say bring it on :)



Ever have the Internet go down? For four days, my broadband wasn't connecting at home, and at work they stopped allowing us to surf online. So, I was SOL for a while until I could catch SBC Communications. They said it was that Sasser worm or something that disrupted the whole WWW. Even Apple computers (me) were affected by the slowness of all the PCs. Boo. Done, fixed, back up, and the Blog looks good Justin. You are a hard worker.

I was watching NOVA on PBS the other night, and it was awesome. I learned that over the past 3 million years, our magnetic field has switched back and forth from magnetic north, to south, to north and so on. It does it every 200,000 years or so, and right now ours has been getting weaker for some time. In the past, it starts to get weak before it switches. So, in conclusion, it appears our magnetic field will be switching relatively soon. Wanted to give everyone a heads up on that.

Listening to Squirrel Nut Zippers, that was a classy group. Coming back to B/N next weekend, AND on June 10-14. Justin, Katie, do you have any reason to be down in Normal anymore? Probably not. But in case you are having holiday down there, just call.

Work sucks. I love the hours, brand new office, great location, work with my girlfriend (that is usually good!), my friend is my manager, but I am not doing well right now, and the job is tedious and boring. What is next? Who the hell knows?

Dave (one of my roommates/best friend) is going to FINALLY try out for Finch in the next few weeks. The outcome will pretty much determine everyone else's road. Our band, connecticut, has been on hiatus I guess, for the past four months. It sucks, I am paying for a practice space that I have used once in the last two months. And you know I am a frugal gentleman, and do not like to waste money. UNLESS IT IS ON MOTORCYCLES THAT KICK!!!

LOVE, joey nafs

it is wrong for a guy to prefer getting a haircut at a salon? and by prefer, i mean only.


Michael Moore.com

i want to see it. i was moved by bowling for columbine. it made me want to move to canada.


did anyone see survivor the other night? it was incredible. boston rob proposed to amber. then amber won a million dollars. then we can vote for who will the other million dollars. it's crazy.


please comment on the weather pixie on the left sidebar. the graphic is clearly for joe.
for those of you not familiar with the tunes listed on the left side of the blog, please check umphrey's mcgee and sound tribe sector 9. i've been grooving to both of these bands for quite a while. umphrey's is playing dates all over the country pretty soon. plus, they're playing at bonnaroo. sound tribe sector 9 is just unbelievably amazing.

i am definitely still in the process of improving on this concept. supposedly, blogspot (our currently blog host) will be adding more features in the future for a small fee. personally, i think we can avoid that. does anyone have a good, reliable amount of web hosting space? does anyone have a domain that they're not using right now? there are some areas where you can upload pictures, but it would require us to use a different blog host. therefore, we would lose our posts, etc. and everyone would have to set up new usernames. and that would be lame...

gg rambler. peace.



funny thing about that porn stuff, most of the cities that porn is produced in (Canoga Park, Chatworth, Van Nuys) That is all right around my apartment. You see porn stars at the grocery store, and I sold a car to the owner of Exquisite Pleasures, Inc. A porn production company...he gave me some freebies! Word.
Scooter/ Nicey the cat
199? - 2004



CNN.com - Fourth HIV case found in California porn industry - May 4, 2004

i guess i should reconsider my next career move...


well, vacation's almost officially over...blah. coming home from florida where it's 85 and sunny, to chicago where it's 45 and raining sure does blow. oh well. i guess summer will be here eventually. pffft.

we'll both be going back to work looking a little "hipper". justin's ditched his glasses, and i am now officially a blonde. this hot couple is going to be fighting 'em off with a stick...


ps - one thing motorcycle riders should remember - real men wear helmets :)


I stole this from justin: now playing: Black Eyed Peas- The Apl Song

it was 94 degrees today. REALLY hot. rode the ol' motorcycle to the gym. lazy saturday. justin, the blog doesn't suck. i think you are being too hard on yourself. btw, YOU are wearing contacts? I have to see that. Good luck with that buddy!

I want to get that ROCK AGAINST BUSH Vol 1 CD. anyone have it? I heard it is good AND is selling well. F Bush in the f-ing ear. PS- my feet are crossed, and they are sweating on each other...awesome.

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i got contacts for the first time on thursday. it took me an hour and half to get them both in that day. yesterday, it took me 45 minutes. today, 15 minutes. as you can see by the forementioned statistics, i am improving.

does anyone have some good web hosting that they can use for free? like, 25 mb or something. then, we could upload our blog there instead of on blogspot. also, anyone have a free domain name? melodytofunkytown.us? no.