The Sopranos: Season Five is Amazing!

So, the past three days have allowed me to completely veg and focus on the blog, relaxation, The Sopranos: Season Five, more veggin', chilling, not working out, you know, the use.

It's been really nice, actually. I tend to get stressed out in situations that should not cause a person stress, so I feel like it's a good weekend if I can say that it was relaxing. Cheers to that!

Tonight, I was thinking about seeing the newest Star Wars that I still have not seen yet. Yes, I'm am probably about the only one that hasn't seen it yet. Well, me and Katie. Today, I sent an email to many people that I have not talked to in a while and basically informed them that we've moved and I now work on a blog part-time (soon to be full-time, fingers crossed). They probably think I'm a nutcase. Suits them right! When I'm a bajillionaire from my blog empire about hippies and headies, we'll see who's laughing then...


Blogger Stefan said...

I just finished Sopranos season five last night. I agree it was a great season. The dream episode was a bit bizarre, maybe the writers had their coke replaced with lsd?

8:37 AM  

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