it saddens me to click on the stat counter and see that there were days were no one hit our blog. i'm only one person people. if you think it sucks, then tell me how to make it better. pfft!

i've got a job interview tomorrow. do you think it would be unprofessional to show up with jamba juice?


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katie and i are currently in naples, fl. we're staying at del boca vista. old men and lincoln continentals everywhere.

as we await our return to the smog-ridden, cold civilization that we call home - chicago - i can't help but wonder what lucas is up to. i wonder if he comes alive like the pets do in the movie cats and dogs. he organizes the furniture like military bunkers, pretends that an imaginary army of dogs and birds are after him. he's fighting to rid our apartment of terrorists and wmd's...

steve buschemi is on the sopranos now. as if i needed one more reason to regret missing out on such a big cultural phenomenom.
Bought a motorcycle last week. It is cool. I like it because I can ride between cars during traffic jams (it is legal in CA). I ate too much food last night at Cheesecake Factory. I ate a Hawaiian pizza, then one of my friend's mom's fish tacos, then a piece of Dutch Apple cheesecake, and washed it all down with two glasses of merlot and three diet cokes. (time to puke)

My little sister was marching in Washington DC today (for women's rights). That is awesome!!! It is really hot here, like 92 today, and the evening is STILL too warm. Atleast it is dry. I just started to read Al Franken's LIES AND THE LYING LIARS WHO TELL THEM. Anyone else get their hands on this lil' chestnut? Hugs and Kisses, JOE


gmail beta testing:

as an active blogger.com member, i was invited to join the google mail testing program. for those who have not heard, look into it. they are allowing 1gb of storage for email. FREE. they've definitely got an interesting take on email service. here's some linkage:

gmail faq

since no one is apparently into the blog, feel free to be at the mercy of any changes that i make. just feel free then.


i'm going to see the cubs on friday. totally playing hooky. post more blogs. post comments. post constructive criticism. post ideas for a better blog, etc.

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be sure to wish a happy "administrative professionals" day to all the nice ladies who wipe your ass while your at work :)


did you know that NASA is actually conducting an experiment to test Einstein's theory of relativity? can time and space really be twisted by massive bodies like planets and stars? i guess we'll find out, but the whole concept pretty much blows my mind...

NASA Launches Einstein Experiment from California


...blog upgrade in progress...

funktown members: i'm updating the blog with a new template with new links, etc. please email me with some new links, thoughts on the new template, etc.

gg mark in north carolina. vanilla ice in front; anthony keidis in back.


So here I am on the eve of tax day and I'm finally sitting down to file. Federal form-No Problem. DC Taxes-No Problem. Illinois Taxes for a part-time resident-Major headache.

Four forms and two hours later I think I've finally got it figured out. Word of advice to all of you Illinois residents, if you ever leave the state and seek employment elsewhere, make sure you do it at the end of the year so you're not filing in two states.

Screw you Blagojevich and your Schedule NR with your appropriate decimals and mulitplication by 3%.


Speaking of Holiness... or whatever...

According to the "Which Big Lebowski character are you?" quiz:

Why don't you check it out? Or we cut of your Johnson!


i think "his holiness" refers to the pope, not jesus...but whatever.


I am going to Las Vegas tomorrow (for three days). I have never been there and am excited. I hope to win SOME money, because when i get back, I am buying a motorcycle . I am really stoked about that. But what I am not stoked on is my chances of BEING KILLED because in CA you can ride between cars, and a lot of times people get hit. Boo. One final note, I hope the CARDINALS do well this year. We shall see.
cubs: 10 -- braves: 2

gg lincoln inn. tough roast beef surely made up for missing this game. on another note, passion of the christ is now top of the box office. his Holyness has risen as a hollywood movie star.


Yesterday I went up to Alsip and the Wilhelm CD got mastered. I thought that finishing the project on the celebrated anniversary of the day Christ was executed had a certain poetical connotation (of which I do not know the meaning).

So now it's done and all that is left for me to do is layout the artwork and get it all to the reproduction guy in time for the APRIL 30th CD RELEASE PARTY SHOW. Which I am hoping all who can drive the distance will attend. Because this fucker was expensive. And we need to pay for it. I am starting to think this is way more expensive a hobby than fishing. Even with buying a boat.

Soon the Wilhelm website will have some songs up. There is only a front page now and no reason to go there. But I will blog to fill in anyone who may give a whipstich. Perhaps I can get a critique of the hasty and haphazard design.

I'd better figure out what the hell I am going to talk about on the radio today. Perhaps just a public service warning of "don't eat the easter eggs that have been in the yard all day."


here's some advice for those of you who want it:

if you're late for work and you miss the bus, don't chase after it. the bus driver won't stop for you, and it'll end up being a lot of unnecessary running...(and the people who are on the bus will probably laugh at you).


According to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

"...to account for human beings' peculiar habit of continually stating and restating the very very obvious, as in "It's a nice day" or "You're very tall", one theory is that if human beings don't keep exercising their lips, their brains start working..."

Remember that next time someone comments on the time change...they could just be trying to avoid complex thought.

"Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays!"

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Anyone else tired? Anyone else tired of people commenting on the time change? I am. Do anything fun this weekend? I ate a Big Mac and a three scoop sundae from Baskin Robbins (Sunday is my day off of my meal-plan regimen). Couple of my friends are getting married, so I have to fly back to IL on May 21 AND June 10. One of my best friends is marrying this girl that he met in January!!! I told him "too soon, but congratulations." I am an honest person.

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vanilla ice in front, anthony kiedis in back.



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welcome visitors from singapore, canada, and unknown. everyone on the blog will now say welcome to their computer screens for our foreign visitors.

i'm going to take a nap now...

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Hate to be a stick in the mud, Justin, but I believe when you wrote "widdle", you meant "whittle". The only reason I caught this unfortunate error is because growing up on a farm, every October you have to whittle sticks to a sharp point. Why in OCT? Well, that's weiner roast season!!!



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please email me to let me know if you would like your "name" and email address posted on the blog. theoretically, if people are viewing our blog from CYBeR SPaCe, then they might email us and tell us they want us to work for their dot-com startup and compensate us with their common stock as they widdle away at the venture capital funds and make people put all their 401k money into the dot-com 'o the month's stock retirement fund and we lap it up like crazy animal consumers so we can buy new computers to download music for free on irc just because it is free we decide to create a blog for freeeeeeeeeeeee...e.e......

have we talked about this before?

still playing: steve kimock band - electric wildlife

: )ustin
Katie -

Grow my own food... make my own clothes... do my own dentistry... treat my own scurvy. My guess is that would severly suck. And cut into the tv watching time.

Most jobs that most people (who don't have connected relatives) get in their early twenties blow. The thing is, do those jobs get you anywhere else? Or are they just an unconnected series of activities? Given my choice, I'd rather not work at all. Because I am basically lazy. But at least I don't work for absolutely no money (as I have in past), for people who do not give a shit how good or bad of a job I do (as I have in the past; guess where?), destroy my nerves, work with people I hate (uh, hmmm...) or force me to do something I am morally against.

So I guess the hard part is to figure out what color your proverbial parachute might be and how hard you are willing to work and how small of a salary you are willing to accept. That's the hard part. But spend some time to figure out how to get there because you will most likely not open the paper one day and go "that's it!" You'll probably have to meander through something else you don't really want to do first.

And nobody ever said work was the way to anything but a paycheck anyway. The thing I like most about my job is that I hardly think about it when I am not there.

i like the montana compound idea. my absolute ideal would be to be 100% self-sufficient by growing my own food, making my own clothes, etc. that way i wouldn't have to be so hopelessly dependent on "the man". but that would probably end up being more work than just sucking it up and becoming a yuppie. i guess we're all screwed no matter what so i should probably just deal with it.

on another note, wanna see something that sucks? this is two blocks from where we live!

pot bust

why, oh why, did i not know about this sooner???

You're not the only one, Katie. To take it to a very basic level, work sucks. You HAVE to find something you want to do and do it. It's such a bummer at this age range, because you want to make the best decisions for you and your future, but have nothing to base them on. Does that make any sense at all? sorry. The system really is tough to work against; I wanted to work like a waiter job for a month, save up, go surfing for a month, go back to waiting tables for a month, back to surfing. After a year of that, if you wanted to get back into the "regular working world", your resume is MESSED up and pretty much unacceptable. What are we to do? Start a compound in Montana? As long as there is some good smoke up there!

Agreeing with wasting our young life working, I sold cars for about 6 months. The money was AWESOME. I had NO free time to write or record music (the reason I moved to CA). I worked every weekend, ALL weekend, and every holiday. I decided that at 24, I AM NOT WASTING WEEKENDS, HOLIDAYS, and FREETIME. In the words of Jon Bon Jovi, "it's my life". I am not here to spend it doing things that do not interest me.

But, like you said, just ask yourself "what do I really want to do?". Then start sending annoying postcards every week to the people who do that particular thing. Bug them, pester them, get your name into their head. Tell them you are interested in their field blah blah blah. After a while of this, they will have to contact you just to stop the postcards!