i wish i got free electronics, too

Check this out. My largehearted boy himself has garnered a pretty, damn fantastic collection of free toys just from having a good blogging sense and some sweet download links. Cheers!

2004, Years of the Free Electronics | Largehearted boy

tsunami sixth sense

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It's unbelievably amazing to think that this is true. I wonder if scientists are working on the technology that would allow us to figure out what is in an animal's brain that triggers this instinctual reaction. A real sixth sense indeed...

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low culture: Unintentionally Hilarious Archives

And also a hilarious link...

I'm looking forward again to spending some time on the blogs this weekend. It's hard to always have something to write about. I guess I just don't completely think like a writer yet, but that's okay.

Everyone have a safe, happy, and heady New Year's Eve.


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Boing Boing: Yushchenko poisoned
This is just scary looking: the before and after of Yuschenko with his dioxin poisoning.


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Jon Stewart's book named one of the year's best
Good for him and good for The Daily Show; it gets better by the day.

Economist.com 2004 books of the year [via Kottke]


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Dressing The Sopranos: A Costume Designer's Notes [via The Morning News]
Each character has one of his signature looks here:
Tony: loud short-sleeved shirts
Pussy: polyester coordinated "sets"
Paulie: Running suits
Furio: Tight knit shirts
Silvio: loud silk shirts and slacks.

McEnroe canceled by CNBC after just four months

Energise - a photoset on Flickr