i love baggo. here is me about to hit one. yehaw!

view all my tri-lakes, indiana pictures from the past weekend.

get your free ipod here!

help me! help me help you!

so, as i've read all over the internet on this, this is the real deal. here's the plan. anyone who clicks the above link can sign up for a free offer; i would suggest the infone or the aol for broadband offer. the idea behind this, if you sign up for a free offer, and five of your friends click on your link and sign up for a free offer, they send you a free ipod. seriously though, this is real.

anyone that clicks on the above link, i will reciprocate and sign up for an offer on their terms. it's just a simple way of web marketing by the firm that does this, but i can assure you that this is not a scam. DO IT!
photo gallery of the rnc protests - kottke.org
communists for kerry? well, i'm sure he'll need all the help that he can get.

how long can the country stay scared? - schneier.com
i'm sure we'll at least be scared right up until november 2. what's even more scary is what will happen that day.

an enormous waste of money - schneier.com
man, this guy ain't half bad. he knows what he's talking about; just check his credentials.

maybe i'm getting too political. that's seemingly all i've been reading lately. well, that and how to design css layouts for my big, bad beautiful blogs. i've clearly been reading a lot about music and the end of my favorite band, phish. the end of an era for me. i guess this means i need to stop seeing concerts (edit: no!), start exercising (edit: probably, but still no!), and start saving money. "WHAT!?!?!?" shouts 'lil jon.

by the way, what i watched of the mtv video music awards, was absolute garbage. the age old question now becomes; is this becoming worse or am i simply getting older? i used to LOVE these events. i always thought they were funny and had some of the best musical performances of the year. now, they're absolute garbage. i can't even write any more on the subject. there's nothing good to write about it. it's insane.


bikes against bush creator was arrested for vandalizing with water-soluble paint
so, this is the beginning of the facism we're likely going to see this week.

mo' balance - airbag industries
scary statistics (maybe not the full story) ; see outfoxed

cloud gate sculpture - chicago snapshot
why have i not gone yet? oh, now i remember. it's insanely touristy and i don't like to travel down to the loop on the weekend to be reminded of my lame week at work.

the protesters are coming... - the guardian
i'm thinking that this convention could get nasty. let's hope kerry can come out the other side smelling like roses.

science over religion; ipod over free ipod

there's a short clip of so of what i read. i like the way i've seen other people write on their blogs. plus, i'm really not a writer by heart. i'm learning. i'm trying. but i still suck at it. therefore, i won't write much. i'll let my reading and links reflect my true character.

there's a really great thing that will happen for me this week. the real question is how it will work out in the end. i have such a nervous anticipation. i don't know that i've ever liked this feeling. i equate this feeling to waiting in line at great america. a horrible, wonderful, nervous, excited feeling about what could possibly happen on a completely safe (but just doesn't seem safe) ride. i guess it's hard for me to explain. i'm also sure that most any reader has felt this same feeling.

now playing: vma preshow


How to score at the republican national convention

too bad to be true?

the fireside bowl is closed. let's have a moment of silence for the premier, punk rock dump of chicago.


check out this picture. this was while i was in naples, fl. too bad charley ripped naples a new one recently.


too good to be true?

well, i think i just might be stupid enough to try this. check this out. can this really be true? can i really be stupid enough to think that this company is really giving out free ipods?

free ipods discussion on large hearted boy, free ipod minis on colin grady, free ipods on wired.com

edit: okay, appearantly i am stupid enough to try this. i'm going for it. i need five people. who's with me?


kama sutra for dummies

for all you dummies out there living in sin, i suggest you try the reverse missionary. note: although maybe not work safe, this is not pornography by any means as the title suggests. enjoy and exercise caution.


doing a lynndie

i have to say that boingboing.net has this correct in wondering why this is funny and blog-worthy. i can't really explain why. it just is. i think this is something that has made the internet fabulous. it reminds me of that scene in austin powers goldmember where he shows foxy cleopatra what the internet is used for. (edit: has this truly made the internet fabulous? is there a slight decline in the moral fabric of society based on the idea that information like this SHOULD be spread? does that sentence even make sense?)

start "doing a lynndie" today


the tribe has spoken

there's something special to me about the show survivor. i've been watching it religiously since the middle of season five, and i really just can't get enough of it. there's the psychology involved that i really enjoy watching; what will these people do or say to each other to possibly win a million dollars. and the truth is, i really don't enjoy other reality shows (edit: i do like the apprentice for obvious reasons; carolyn looks hotter in season two previews). for some reason, survivor really hits home with me. i think the best thing about it for me is that i get to live vicariously through these people. can anyone that knows me attest to the idea that there's no way i could survive out in an island off the coast of south america, boiling water, starting fires, being around annoying people, being around mean people, eating bugs, swimming for food? can i get an amen?

-- survivor: vanuatu cast announcement : yahoo news --

-- survivor: vanuatu : cbs.com --


i love dave chappelle and his writers

i've discovered some serious joy while watching the dave's chappelle's show on comedy central. yes, i have seen half baked, not to mention the rest of his movie career. i truly believe that he has some serious potential, and i can't wait to see what his next two seasons will be like. r.i.p. rick james.

-- dave's chappelle's show homepage --

hurricane charley bloggers

so, this guy is documenting hurricane charley. "it looks like a storm ripped through here". so is everyone and their brother (click here, here, and here).

well, i will say it. i shall document one of the worst natural disasters as predicted by myself: winter in chicago! some people says it's not that bad. i can assure you; it is. i shall blog the horror and the mayhem associated with this, including but not limited to: salt gnarl, snow, ice, snow, cta, snow, cold, natural gas bills, etc. etc.

seriously though, i can't believe my aunt decided to stay in naples, fl while all of this went on. i mean, would you try to run? or would you stick it out? i, for one, have no idea what i would have done if a hurricane was coming straight for my property. it is horrible the destruction that was caused and the loss of life seems to be growing every day. let's hope this doesn't happen to florida again this year.


arnold schwarzenegger vs. jesse ventura

check out this link on kottke.org. this guy is funny. i think i can be this funny is i really try. i need to simply try harder. i need to quit all this "being myself" nonsense, and i need to try and be someone who's really funny. word yo.

kerry's plan for a better white house

seriously, this is all it takes folks.

--

charley! the man in the black pajamas...

so, this missed my aunt's condo in naples, fl by about twenty five miles north. i have to say that i was really worried about her. this storm was huge.

--

so how is everybody doing in blogland? i mean, in illinois? the retro on roscoe festival was this past weekend in chicago. it had the potential to be a good festival; from my view, it was a huge sausage fest similar to anything i would have seen at illinois state university. although, when this occurs in chicago, it's more professional and older sausages. needless to say, i stayed for about fifteen minutes. two minutes of which was spent watching mr. blotto, ten minutes was spent walking two blocks between the sausages, and the remaining three minutes was spent watching liquid soul. it sucked. i went home to listen to the broken internet stream of the last phish show ever. i didn't think that it would affect me the way it did, but i felt really weird all weekend. they've made such a positive impact in my life, considering how they (plus the scene in general) turned me on to an entirely new genre of music (hence, the live music blog). hopefully, they actually DO make this up to the fans (read below)


phish fans are turned away from coventry : refunds later?

wow. this is seriously a huge bummer. i have to say that i'm bummed for anyone involved. did i mentioned i bummed?


perfect example of how i'm feeling...right now...

so, katie and i are thinking about going to the amsterjam festival. is that wrong?

-- read more (live music blog.com) --

michael moore vs. the pantagraph

check this out, apparently michael moore doctored a headline found in the pantagraph. talk about sneaky. how dare you michael moore, violating copyright laws. or did he? (my communication major buddies, i'm looking in your direction). what's more, the pantagraph! central illinois' lamest newspaper.

what's next? michael moore stealing content from the chicago reader?


feeling lazy lately?

after reading this news post.. i suddenly didn't feel as bad about my current efforts at getting 'in shape'.

laziness starts here


zach braff presents..."garden state"

so, i love the show scrubs. and, i also love zach braff as the main character j.d. i can't wait to see this movie, garden state. i don't even know what's it about. i just like it. i can tell.

-- garden state blog --
-- garden state official website --

-- review (glide magazine) --

umphrey's mcgee - skyline stage - 8.7.04

so, i tried my hands at reviewing these two umphrey's mcgee shows. point of the story, i suck at writing reviews. i guess accountants really aren't taught writing skills. i think that i'll get better as i go along, but who knows.


umphrey's mcgee - skyline stage - 8.6.04

so, i just saw two great umphrey's mcgee shows. man, i love this band. i'm telling you...if you like music, you like umphrey's mcgee. too bad the same cannot be said for their crowd. something about the crowd just sucked. could it have been the idea that too many show up to these shows in a drug-induced stupor and end up ruining a good time not only for themselves but the people around them. maybe. maybe i'm getting old. that's probably a more likely situation.

but i don't like to think that i'm getting old. too old to enjoy drunk people throwing slices of cheese at a band that they love to sing along with? yes; that i can say with the utmost certainty. it's really unfortunate. at any rate, read my review and weigh in on how you think it sounds. as always, i welcome all feedback on the blog and how you guys think it's looking.

now playing: phish - you enjoy myself


no! not rick james!

suddenly, i feel bad for laughing so many times at the dave's chappelle's show episode.


millennium park pics

check out this photo gallery (found vis a vis kottke.org) of millennium park in chicago. i haven't even been there yet. in fact, i'm planning on going this weekend before the umphrey's mcgee shows at the skyline stage. i psyz-iked.


Another Gem From The Internet

Check it out here.

Make sure and check out the sound clips.

He'll be appearing at the 7th Annual Forsyth August Fest on the 14th.



well, after much thought, i've decided to keep my eggs spread between different baskets. i will be working as hard as possible to get these blogs going. right now, i've got the config setup for the leftorium. i'll probably start updating this blog at some point in the future, but i definitely like the domain and i wanted to register it before it got snatched. after all, theleftorium.com is much better than theleftorium.usa, or whatever it could be called. i'm actually really excited about the live music blog, probaby more so than any of my ex-web hobbies (no, not porn). i'm working to recruit whoever's interested (and whoever can think they can post a couple times a week) to add content to the site. my dream would really be to rival that of jambands.com or jambase.com, but with content from all over the musical spectrum. i'd definitely like to start getting more content on there. i know i keep posting this, but i definitely want (and need) some help. email me if you're interested.

anyways, i thought i would ask for some input on the new site layout, etc. what do you think of the colors? lime green too limey for you? [edit: follow the link, not a bad movie, but i didn't see the entire 100% of it].

point of my story is, i've registered the domain of melodytofunkytown.com. i will be transferring this site over to the new address within the next week or so. everyone will need to update their bookmarks. this will allow me to have more flexibility on the site and to post some google ads (as seen on the live music blog and about every other webpage currently being published - i love how unobtrusive they are). at any rate, click on them to help me pay for the web hosting.

hope everyone is having fun doing their own thing. i miss all my friends spread out across the globe (otherwise known as the u.s., although i do have one friend that's NOT currently living in the continental u.s.)

will ferrell = funniest man ever

well, maybe not the funniest man ever. but, check out this link. he really is a genius sometimes. thanks to steve for the link.

-- white house west --

"Seven even back do' Lil' Joe"

I may be crazy but while on hold today to alert Verizon that I’m moving I’m fairly certain I heard Muzak versions of "Mambo #5" and Ice-Cube’s “It was a Good Day”. I guess it could have been the Isley Brothers tune that was the beat for Ice Cube, but I’d prefer to think that Verizon knows what the kids like. Bottom line it brought delight to an otherwise wasted 30 minutes. Plus, nobody I know got killed in South Central L.A. Today was a good day.


barack obama dnc speech transcript

the news program i watched after this speech (because we accidentally missed it) talked about how barack obama would definitely have a good chance at a solid run for our first african-american president. obviously, this would happen after john kerry's second term. but, lest we forget about hillary clinton and the clinton's quest to rule the world. i can definitely see an interesting primary race in 2012 between obama and clinton.

--