Blogger Broke Again

Dude, are they ever going to make this solid? Too many splogs, I guess.

Pizza Town

Tonight, we're headed up to Ranalli's on Montrose again. We went there last weekend and had a super good time. The place is really relaxed, it's BYOB (with a liquor store next door taboot), and the pizza is fantabulous.

Hell yes. My beat is correct.

Then, I'll probably run back and try and live blog the Vegoose Festival webcast a little bit more.

Ozzie for U.S. Supreme Court

I would have been behind this had he not already announced he'd be returning next year to manage the Chicago White Sox.

Lunchtime Fun in the Loop

If you were downtown Chicago yesterday, you might have had an idea that there was going to be massive White Sox parade up LaSalle St. ending in a huge rally at the corner of LaSalle and Wacker.

Chicagoist has a great photo set on Flickr and a good roundup of what happened.

We actually stood a couple blocks north of where the parade began, and we ended up getting about thirty people deep past the parade route. You really couldn't see much. However, they did put Ozzie and the crew up on the top of double-decker buses and you could still make out some familiar faces even though we were far back. Here are some of the photos that Katie took of the parade; good stuff.

The funnest part for me was realizing that hardly anyone I knew actually attended this street party. I work with a bunch of people that were seemingly unwilling to go, which I assume to be hugely unfortunate for them. I know those that did go had a really good time; it's a great feeling to be in a crowd that is just so overjoyed and excited that they're actually climbing onto Port-o-Pottys to get a better look.

Ewww, don't put your hand there, dude!

We had a blast.


Slow Me Down No More

What's Slowing Down Your PC? - Yahoo! News

Note to self: read this later.


White Sox Win!

White Sox Win the World Series!

Happy day in Chicago, that's for sure. Hopefully the Cubs can do something like this next year...


They're Going to Need More Help Than That

MLB.com is reporting that the Houston Astros are going to be shaving their beards to try and break their early two-game skid. [via Gaper's Block]

I was noticing how funny it was that all of them had their beards as good-luck charms anyways. I guess my beard was a bit of a good luck wish, as well.

Photo © 2005 - Marcus Muccianti


iPod Love Gone Bad

Today is truly a sad day for me. My iPod is dead. Hard drive failure. Bastards.

So, I spend $300 on an mp3 player that last me one year and one month. Was it worth it? Well, yes. That’s why I’m pissed; it means that I have to purchase a new one.


Sleepin' Late and Lovin' It

Last night, the whole crew came together for a good evening out on the town with some new people that we had never met before. My extra-special friend Pete is in town from Olympia, WA and we met up with some of his friends he met back in Alaska. Extra Special Becky, Neil, Wien, and Heather (and two others who left early and I forgot their name) were the new crew that we met, and we headed out to Ranalli's Up North on Montrose for some pizza.

This was some really incredible pizza for showing up so late; the cooks were still with it last night until we made our trek to the Long Room. We ended up BYOB at Ranalli's (which I need to start doing more often) and got more drunk and vulgar at the Long Room afterwards. Last call was 3:00 a.m. and we went home very happy and drunk. Good times.

Good, new crew, too. We met them through Pete but hopefully that doesn't stifle any further attempts to get together.


To All the Idiots...

Blackberry Users Bust Their Thumbs

Seriously, there has been a few times that I've actually wanted one of these stupid ass things.


Go White Sox!

I'm pleased as punch to be in Chicago right now as we finally have a team that is advancing to the World Series.

Go White Sox! Send Houston home in bodybags!


Blog Switch

I guess the problem with this blog is that I really don't feel the full love. What is the melody to funkytown anyways? I guess that was always a silly name.

I might be switching over the domain publishing on this site and give it a full refresh. Man, that would be dramatic but I guess it just seems that it isn't fully necessary or something. There are plenty of times that I feel that I need to write down something or jot down a thought or archive something that I'd want to see later in life. I want it on the blog. I want it documented. I think I just need to make it more about myself and the what I'm really doing. I forget sometimes.

What did I do last week? You just have a hard time remembering when you get stuck in a certain routine. Seriously, a routine that maybe you felt you could get used to but it just never got easier.

It's amazing anyways but the truth is that this blog needs to change. Right now. I think I need to do something about this...


My Bro the Californian

Last night, I hosted an impromptu pizza party with my brothers (sans one) to say an early good-bye to my younger brother as he begins his cross-country trek.  He’s moving from Chicago to Los Angeles to be a professional skateboarder.  Well, maybe not professional skateboard anymore as he claims—he’s no longer the master he once thought he was.

I wish him all the best and all the greatest luck out there.  He’s going to have a blast.


Stuff I Don't Need But I Want


...only then will I experience some random piece of information that I wouldn't necessarily need, but I would most surely want. My Name Is Earl is my new favorite TV show, and I'm psyched that they've got some Easter Eggy type folks.


Sweet relief.