US-IL-Aurora-Navision Developer Consultant

apparently, they decided not to staff the position.
KT & Justin-

I've got 3 words for you:

Renaissance Fair Circuit.



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as i think about how much fun the upcoming sound tribe sector 9 concert at the vic, i can't help but think about how much i do not like my current job. anyone knows who's hiring?

: justin
today i saw a man smoking one of those skinny "virginia slim" type cigarettes...

i'm not really sure what that's all about.


I guess I am a LITTLE upset. Why? Because I have an ingrown hair on my shin.
Here Katie. If you are bored check out this Fark photoshop contest of Condy Rice.


tap, tap. Is this thing on?

Justin, I think we have success.

I think the Bob Edwards firing must have something to do with the FCC indecency crackdown. BE just dropped one too many F-bombs. Susan Stamberg is next.

This would be the first time I blogged. I am not sure how to blog.

I think maybe that when one meets Clay Aiken in person he is very small, like a Hummel figurine.


katie and i just had a good conversation about clay aiken. his voice really wails. let's invite him to our blog.

join our blog and have fun. the more fun it becomes, the more likely it will be that i could add really sweet blog features (such as comments, news feeds, etc.). enjoy and email me if you would like your name and email address posted in the link area.

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b-list celebrities i've encountered:
the gin blossoms
warren from the vandals

b-list celebrities i'd like to encounter:
gary coleman
david copperfield
dave schwartz from the weather channel

BFF - lol :)
C-List Celebrity Sighting!!! Last night, we were at this unbelievable house in Toluca Lake (this section by the Hollywood Hills). Bunch of actors/singers/what not young people pretending to be something they are not, and who is standing behind me? Kato Kaelin. WTF? My friend Dave said, "Hey, it's weird that you are only popular because someone you know killed two people." I am not sure if Kato heard him.

But I will give a big thumbs up to the fake bosoms that were in abundance last night!


anyone that's ever played super mario 3, check out joe's link. that is possibly the coolest thing i've ever seen on the internet. i guess i can stop using it now.
I was washing clothes today, and there was one dryer that just finished up. I waited about five minutes, and no one came to the laundry room. So I removed the clothes and put them in the basket that someone left on top of the machine. I was just finishing up putting MY wet laundry in, when the lady who owned the dry clothes comes through the door. I'm like "Sorry I had to move your clothes, community laundry is a bummer. I wasn't sure when someone would come for them." She says (all snotty and pissed) "the dryer was still warm, it wasn't like they had been sitting there for 30 minutes." What was I suppose to do? I am not wasting my Saturday any more than I have to. If you share a laundry room, then set a timer and stay on top of things.

Want to see the best time for Super Mario Bros. 3?

best time

welcome new members. the blogspot address where we are currently hosting does not allow you to post pictures. unfortunately, you have to post pictures somewhere else and create a link to it. if our blog becomes cool, we will post pictures in the near future (i'll figure something out).

check out brendan's link. by the way, if you have a link that you'd like to post, you can click the hyperlink button while you're creating your post (it's a globe with a little chain underneath; same hyperlink button you'd see if word or excel) and paste the web address. just make sure to type some text in between the carrots to name your link.

<"a" href="http://www.yahoo.com">ENTER THE NAME OF THE LINK HERE<"/a">

therefore, creating a link that users can click instead of copying and pasting. just an fyi.

also, click the little graph at the bottom of the blog to see our webstats. someone from belgium visited. that's just awesome. gg www.

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Dear Diary-

I had my first blog experience today. It was sort of like wetting myself for the second time. If you remember, Diary, wetting myself the FIRST time was a scary thing. The second time, however, was a series of emotions: pressure, pain, curiousity, release, warmth, and a few minutes later, a calming chill.

Love, JOE

Anyway, thanks for the invite on this Justin and Katie. I still hate George W. Bush. Can you post pictures on this blog thing? I have some of me at the anti-war/occupation protest in Hollywood last Saturday. B.F.F.

I'm taking Katie's threat to heart. I must admit this whole blog thing is new to me, but all the kids seem to be into it. I don't have too much to bitch about work wise, but if you haven't heard Bob Edwards has been essentially fired....that's bitch worthy.

So while I figure out something more worthy to post check out this link:


If you're not familiar with the sloganator, it was this "make your own campaign poster" thing on the Bush '04 webpage. Who would have thought that a bunch of smart-ass kids would use it for evil? So it's gone, but this sentimental portrait of it's short life is sure to bring a tear to your eye.



to everyone but justin - BLOG DAMMIT!!!

that is all.


family get-together this weekend. yay! i'm going to buy mark a going away gift!

Phish | Rumors


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so i found out today that one of my good friends here will be "departing" from the company as of tomorrow. she's okay with it b/c she wanted to take her career in a new direction, but these layoffs are starting to hit closer and closer to home each and every day. now i have to find someone else to eat lunch with and it blows.


lol. i totally know that "conservation" ad. it makes me want to quit my job and become a scientist. speaking of my job, i just got back from mendota. i got to see gigantic printing presses and bindery equipment. (and wear these sexy yellow toe caps on top of my shoes). i liked being in the plant except for dodging the fork lifts. but overall, it was a good trip. i didn't take any pictures because i didn't want to blind the press operators and cause some sort of catastrophe. plus some of those dudes were REALLY scary looking. being there made me nostalgic for central illinois. i saw a farm & fleet commercial and part of WEEK 25 news. it really took me back! (joe & brendan - i'm sure you can appreciate that!) alright - gotta go!


i'm watching david letterman. he had a piece called "george w. bush pretends to be interested" and this hilarious clip of some event bush was at where he's nodding his head along with this totally boring weirdo. so funny.

lucas is eating right now. i gave him two scoops of food. i should post some pictures of him soon. along with towelie.

i want to see that new rock movie. the ads on the el make me want to (as well as do a year of biodiversity and conservation in greenland). i'm out.

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i'm blogging baby


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thanks to mark for ripping his cd collection for all of our benefits. by all of ours i mean katie and i. i have to be up in eight hours to work more. yay. theoretically, the longer i stay up and work now, the less i have to do on thursday. we all know that i am not interested in proving this theory. remember proofs in geometry class? i loved that.

hopefully our invitees are reading my lame babble and they too would like to babble. "people want to read my babble". lol, WacArnold's!

'till 3/23...

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here's an article that was in the tribune on friday. it talks about this crappy merger:

tribune article

i knew coming into this job that corporate america was evil. but for some reason, i'm still pissed off! i think for my next job, i'll just work at WacArnold's :)


new members:

whenever you create a post on the blog (if you click on the blog title on the right of blogger.com when you're logged in), you have to preview the post and then publish the blog. to see if your post correctly got put on the sit, it needs to be POSTED and then PUBLISHED.


: justin :

joe and pete:

definitely consider joining. i think you two have some great things to say; i'd also like to keep in touch with both of you guys.

i've added a statistics button to the bottom of the page; click on the little graph to see how lame our blog is now. but it won't be lame soon.

katie and i went to golden nugget this morning. i got an english muffin with my breakfast. that made me happy. more to come later...

: justin :


this is my first post - i'm not sure yet if i like to blog. but i guess it might be fun to do when i'm sitting at work doing nothing...besides waiting to get fired. speaking of which, here's something funny that i stumbled upon while i was sitting around picking my butt at work. if you like george bush, you'll LOVE this!

bush cartoon

i figure that since i'm going to be an aunt soon, i should be more politcally savvy. you know, to set a good example for the little tyke.


link to my friend's blog:

Panaphobic Superhero

wow. i'm bored. i had a job interview today, and now i'm sitting around with my thumb in place. i guess i know what you mean now; sorry that you were bored the couple weeks ago when i was at foster.

i'm going to shop online for right now; i've got a new jacket to find. hopefully, i will be a navision implementer as soon as i can. kudos to ice cream for making me sluggish right now.


this is the first post. this is just a test as i prepare to blog.