The 40 Year Old Virgin

Last night, I went to see The 40 Year Old Virgin at the Davis Theater. This movie, featuring Steve Carell's first starring role, was quite funny.

Honestly, I even think that this movie could have been either more disgusting (as in the American Pie style of sexual humor) or more romantic (as in the Maid In Manhattan style of chick-ness). I don't necessarily think that it worked to turn it into a romantic comedy at the end, but the movie still had its great, sex comedy cliches everywhere. I would not have expected anything less, so it's great to see that they followed through on some.

I would definitely recommend this movie; it's easily worth the price of admission.


More Signs that the End Is Near

I thought it was bad enough that Aramis Ramirez was added to the DL, but we've now traded away our "supposed" lead-off man. I hope we're smart about our trades in the fast-approaching off-season.

From Cubs.com...
The Chicago Cubs today acquired minor league pitcher Justin Berg from the New York Yankees in exchange for outfielder Matt Lawton. In addition, the Cubs purchased the contract of infielder Scott McClain from Iowa (AAA).

Stupid Cubbies!


Words of Wisdom?

From my personalized Google homepage featuring Quotes of the Day...
Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.
- Matt Groening



Cubs 2006!

I forgot to follow along with the Cubs game while I was at work yesterday, so I checked the scores last night after Katie and I had a nice relaxing evening together. We rewatched Napeleon Dynamite (it gets better every time), so I was feeling pretty happy and content until I read the following...
Third baseman Aramis Ramirez suffered a moderate to severe strain of his left quadricep Wednesday while running to first base, according to MRI results. He is expected to be re-examined on Friday.

This sucks. Bad. I guess the truth is that the Cubs were out the second Nomar started the season half-ruined, but this is just the major nail in the coffin.

Here's to 2006, Cubs Fans!



Google Builds an IM Client

Google Talk

I think Kottke predicted this yesterday actually. It's great when the blogworld can get this early through their digging, sleuthing, etc.

I'm downloading now to check it out. It looks pretty smooth from the screenshots, and it almost looks like it was built off of Gaim.


Rumors Are Fun

Over on my main bloggin' passion, we've again gotten an early look at another rumor surrounding upcoming Phish releases. It's funny that they really do have a hard time keeping this stuff locked up and secret.

I've always wondered how some of this stuff does get leaked. In other situations, it could be a insider at a venue, promotion office, etc. But, this is just a system issue. The DVD Empire system automatically updates their new listings, even though there was probably no internal field allowing a "Post on Date," or something very closely functional to that. It's good for us, though. I shouldn't complain.

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Small Weekend Vacations Are Fun

This weekend, starting about last night at 11:00 p.m., Katie and I are spending time in Raleigh, NC. I've never been down to Raleigh specifically.

I'm already feeling the beginnings of a good recharge, as I've been somewhat stressed out lately. I'm at an age and a point in my life where I feel that I might be wasting time.

Oh wait, we just discovered that Mark has T&C Surf Design from Nintendo. Friggin' sweet!

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Massage Therapy

Is it wrong to go to the mall and spend way too much time in the Sharper Image-like stores getting free massages on weird public massage chairs? I mean, they're only like $3,000. There's no friggin' way I'll ever pay that much for a massage chair, so I think I'll just easily answer my own question.

No. It is not wrong.


I'm A New Fan

Thanks to a very good friend of mine, I recently received a copy of The Last Waltz, the greatest concert movie ever made.

I'm hooked.

What a great movie, what great music, what great introspection! You can really say just about anything about the way the movie was put together and the performances; it's all just amazing.

My favorite part for right now was the Emmylou Harris soundcheck jam. Or whatever it is. Good stuff, though.



Six Feet Under Whore

So, last night I finished Disc 4 of Six Feet Under: Season 2. Uhm, damn this show is intense...

I really don't know how HBO does it. They've so clearly got the talent, considering I'm obsessed with all other HBO dramas that I watch.

Point of my story...I'm disturbed by Brenda's behavior. Disturbed. I feel gross inside.



Bloggin' the CTA

To the red-headed, conductor hat-wearing dude playing craps with yourself on the chair right next to me, please stop. You cannot play “yourself” in craps. You’re playing against chance.

Chance this…

Roll one of those die and make it hit my new iBook. You’ll have one quick, feel-good moment right before my foot travels extremely far up your ass. Odds: 1:1.

Now that’s a bet worth taking…

Oh yes, and stop singing Jimi Hendrix to yourself. He was a better singer (surprisingly).



Our Cat is Vicious

Earlier this morning before I made breakfast for Katie and I, we were relaxing and checking up on the internets. Katie rocking the iBook and me rocking the PC. It was all good...

Lucas, our cat, attacked Katie while surfing the internet. He completely frieked out. The welt on Katie's arm is fantasically large.

Uhm, anyone know of a good pet psychic where I can take him to get him reviewed?
Tell me how you're feeling, Lucas...

I can see it now.

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Beck Tickets, Oh Yes!

I just got off Ticketmaster.com with one fresh email in my inbox stating the following...
You purchased 2 tickets to:
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL
Tuesday September 20, 2005 6:30 pm

Seat location: section G.A.
Total Charge: $93.36

Holy jesus, did I really just put $93 on my credit card without flinching? Damnit, Beck. You better put on a good show, or else you'll hear it from me and us and everyone else who wants to let you hear it. If I only I had the power to do that somewhere...



News Flash: Cubs are Getting Wailed

So, Katie and I are watching the Cubs game. It really wasn't going too well.

"Well, at least they might...still...have...a...chance..." says Katie, in the most easily recognizable sarcastic voice ever spoken.

Well said.


Links of the Day

Mr. Sun!: What caused Robert Novak to blow?
I'm sorry, but this is just too funny. Mr. Sun at it again...

Holding your mouse the way it's intended to
Added to my "to read..." list.


If you live in Chicago...

...this is what you should do tonight.
If you're up for a one-stop helping of the most embarrassing cultural trends from the 80s, look no further than this painfully lame 1984 musical featuring Adolfo "Shabba-Doo" Quinones and Michael "Boogaloo Shrimp" Chambers as righteous break-dancers out to save a community center from the wrecking ball. The twosome rally their Spandex-clad, mullet-headed forces, whose nonstop dancing causes the city council to throw in the towel--either that or they've been overpowered by the Jeri Curl fumes. Look for an unintentionally amusing cameo by a pregangsta Ice-T. Directed by Sam Firstenberg. PG, 94 min. (Reece Pendleton)

I'll probably have a hard time staying awake to attend, but if I make it there, this will be one of the most hilarious movies to see at midnight hands down...

My Bro-in-Law's Favorite T-Shirt Ever!

A couple weekends ago, I heard one great saying by my brother-in-law (click here for full saying) and I really haven't forgotten about that saying yet...

It's up there with one of the funniest sayings you could ever come up with. I wonder where this originated from...

Can anyone tell me?


New Hobby #1

Today, I'm going to start replanting some of the little plants Katie and I have gathered since we moved to this new apartment. There's something so excited about plants growing; they're my children that I'm providing life to for growth.

By life, I mean water. I guess the sun does have something to do with it...

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Recent Reflections

A Doe Looking At Me
Originally uploaded by justinpward.

It's only been two weeks since I've been in "nature," as opposed to being in Chicago as I normally am. I don't consider anything in Chicago-proper "nature." So, just so we have that straight...

This was a fun little excursion Katie and I took down to Starved Rock State Park downstate a couple hours. This doe was just chilling right off our walking path. It was very good timing on our part, and luckily we had walked away from any of the larger, more crowded paths. Good stuff...

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iBook Heaven

Honestly, my new iBook has already treated me so well. Oh so unbelievably well...

I decided to get a 12" mainly due to my need for serious portability. That really should be the goal of any laptop manufacturer; small and light. For anyone that's carried one big ass Dell laptop very lovingly assigned by their employer, they know what I'm talking about...

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My New iBook G4

Yesterday, I bought a brand new iBook, complete with a 512mb RAM upgrade (from the standard 512mb). Needless to say, this computer is sick!

Apple prides themselves on their innovation, and they're so innovative you can hardly tell what you're actually getting with your purchase. Really, you don't get anything but a nicely formatted, blazing fast 1.33ghz G4 and a box. Plus, we purchased the thing from the Apple store on Michigan Ave., and I think they've got a pretty solid retail outlet there. They have about fifty people in green shirts advertising their latest marketing campaign asking everyone if they need help. We didn't need too much help, so it was relatively quickly that we walked out of there with the new system (and a new printer taboot).

I struggled for a while on the idea that this might not be a necessity for me right now, but I've determined that this could help me with the Live Music Blog. That makes it a necessity, right?

Regardless, I'm using it to create this blog post. I'm already over it.

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Vegoose Lineup is Finally Announced

Well, after so much damn anticipation and a lot of traffic through Google searches, Superfly has announced the initial lineup for Vegoose. Check it out at the Live Music Blog.

I still don't know if I'm going. I mean, you have to wonder how this is going to work. I think I'm going to try and get some more thinking done about how I feel, but you just really have to wonder...

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Link of the Day

I'm sorry, this one was just WAY too good to pass up...

Mullet Festival support approved

It just goes to show you that anything is possible if you feel like creating a festival to honor something that no one should ever honor. They've got the support. Oh yes, they're having a friggin' mullet festival.

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Cubs Might Have a Chance?

Yesterday before the trade deadline occurred, the Cubs traded their newly acquired Jody Gerut for Matt Lawton from the Pittsburgh Pirates. You know it's bad if your own press releases hint at the continued struggles that the Cubbies seemingly face every season...
The Chicago Cubs hope they've found a leadoff man at last.

That line just reads funny to me. "Hope" is the key word there...

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