Last Weekend

Katie and I took a trip up to Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin, and we had a blast.

While hardly relaxing considering how out-of-shape I am, I had a really good time and I really liked the park. It was so easy to navigate the park, even more so than other parks that I've been to. Not to mention that it's only three and half hours from Chicago.

I'll be there again.


This is Gross

Scrapple - Wikipedia

Seriously, I know a guy that used to eat this when he lived in Pennsylvania. Nasty, dude.


Good Riddance to Idiots

Mike Brown Resigns

Whatever happened to a good, ol’ firing?  I mean, lay him out.  You’re fired.  Even the Donald can say it.


Navy Pier Photo

Check out this great shot of the Navy Pier ferris wheel on Labor Day Weekend. The two Umphrey's McGee concerts were such a blast, and this was the night cap on the entire weekend.


Stream This

Now listening to:  The Duo – Wicker Park Music Festival

Man, I love the internets.  Streaming radio and streaming music over the web will never cease to amaze me.  I love it.  Everytime I see the buffer run its course and the song begins, I’m psyched.


Awesome White Stripes Photo from August 30 in Chicago

white stripes
Originally uploaded by sparkles..

Yes! This show was awesome...


My Special Project

Today, I'm beginning a special project over at Live Music Blog.

While I did not attend because I was on Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, I would have gone to the Phish Big Cypress New Years Eve celebration in Florida if I could have. I have the discs. All 15 of them. I'm going to podcast them. All 15 of them.

This is the first of many other special blog projects I've got floating around in my head. I just need to get them down on keyboard and I'll be happy.



I just watched my first episode of Entourage, thanks to our very recent subscription to HBO. Good stuff.

Jeremy Piven is exceptionally funny to me. I enjoy a lot of the movies that he's been in and always get a kick out of seeing his random cameos in some movies that I might not like.

Chief Justice Rehnquist Dies

After getting home from a rip-roaring concert by Umphrey's McGee, I should know better than to check the news right before I went to bed.

Not that it really mattered that much considering how drunk I was.

Irregardless, Chief Justice William Rehnquist has passed away after his long battle year-long battle with thyroid cancer. We can only imagine that he'll be replaced by another conservative.

And, we can imagine that Washington D.C.'s job has been hard enough the past week with the devastation relief effort underway on the Gulf Coast. Now, they have to pick a conservative judge that won't appear conservative. Good stuff.


To all the idiots...

...at the White Stripes concert this past Tuesday night in Chicago, please don't stand up and block my view for no good reason. You weren't even dancing. The Auditorium Theater balcony isn't really a fully great spot to stand up to view the show, especially if you're not even friggin' dancing. Remember when I told you to sit down, and then you did?

Listen, I'm all for dancing at a rock concert. I mean, it's not like I'm not doing it all the time. You just have to pick a proper time and a proper venue to really enjoy it. At the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, the balcony was full of people sitting down. The people were sitting down when I got there, and they stayed sitting down the whole time. You just have to conform to the audience that is there or you will definitely have a problem or you will cause a problem.

I'm sorry, I'm not even a conformist. Not even, well probably a little bit. I guess. Maybe.

Lightbulb Over Head

Now playing: The Duo - 9x9

Honestly, words cannot describe when you finally realize something that you've been trying to figure out for a long time. Life is short. New Orleans, LA is under 20 feet of friggin' water. This is serious. Listen to me.

Please, help me and help yourself to find a greater meaning in life. Something that makes sense. Something that you can feel good about. Something that makes you feel as though you have lived a life and will continue to live a life that you (and hopefully others) are proud of.