daily linx


daily linx

Audio of Ken Jennings' loss
Once again, Kottke's got the sweet inside on this loss that has shaken the Jeopardy community.

Go here to protest on inauguration day [via Michael Moore]

Drudge Report 2005
It is the media's job to scoop.

SpongeBob kidnapped from restaurant [via a.whole...]

Thanksgiving Day in Chicago
I love that Tom Skilling, the weatherman for WGN News, has his own Moveable Type blog. Check this baby out!

Hot Doug's in Chicago will be reopening in January
They're moving locations, too. Be sure to check this place out next time you're looking for a weiner.

The Apprentice girls posing for Maxim
Well, they might be good looking and all, but they're all idiots. They really picked a bunch of losers for this season of The Apprentice, and I think that it'll show in the ratings. This show is not going to continue on for much longer.


daily linx

Join Flickr
I love this website. It's like socializing with digital pictures.

Report launches their new website.
This is looking pretty solid to me. Check out this great, new Chicago band.

Ukraine Parliament declares the election to be invalid, yet fail to pass a resolution calling for a re-vote
This reminds me of what the Supreme Court did in America in the 2000 election; it's widespread knowledge that Al Gore would have won Florida if they recounted.


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the beginning of the end

chicago weather sucksThere's nothing worse that seeing this already. It's not even turkey day yet, and Chicago is already feel the effects of the lamest winter vibes.


daily linx


daily linx

screenshot of aol blog
maybe this has already been blogged about (not like everything already hasn't been), but these blogs just look stupid. i can't really understand why someone would think that this could be better than blogger for free.


herbert wiser band

i've been so unbelievably psyched to be part of the herbert wiser band. i'm totally going to start gigging it up, in the heezy.

i'll try to get our website updated pretty soon, as well as keep everyone in blog land posted as to when we'll be playing.

daily linx

davenetics*: pro sports. rock bottom.
well said, my friend. it's disturbing that this caused wrigley field to stop selling beer after the seventh inning (like that could stop a brawl of this capacity). if people want to get drunk and start a fight, they'll find a way, be it a pacers game or a cubs game or their local watering hole.

gourmet brew or hangover cure?
beer brewed with coffee beans. yummy!

the function of unguent: seven questions for the guitar solo from "stairway to heaven"



Google Scholar goes live
I was taught at Illinois State University by Den Patten.


links you should follow v.11.17

now playing: trey anastasio - curlew's call

sage 1.3 for firefox
please download firefox if you haven't already. it's the best thing that happened to the internet since sliced bread.


reality television

i have to say that i'm only interested in reality t.v. if it was created by mark burnett. unfortunately, my big fat obnoxious boss is actually being watched. it's scary. disgustingly scary.


Katie's totally going to be a world class keyboardist now. Rap master 5000. Posted by Hello


darts and helmets

katie and the dart helmet Posted by Hello

shelley and the dart helmet Posted by Hello


my cat lucas

lucas on stool
Originally uploaded by justinpward.
okay, i promise to stop posting pictures of cats. i'm just trying out flickr for the first time really. i think i did try it out earlier, but it really seems to be catching on. i'm sure that it'll start to get better as time goes on...

here goes nothing...


milo the cat

this is possible the cutest story i've ever read on the internet. poor, curious milo. Posted by Hello