Blogger Fixed?

So, apparently Blogger is fixed.


Maybe I should not speak so soon.

On a horribly unrelated note, I'm watching Blue Crush while I read tonight. It sucks. I mean, this movie is just terrible.


Bad Advice

Nerve.com puts their music writers to the test: make them sexual advisors.

Maybe it's too early on a Saturday morning to read this, but I still laughed out loud...

Describe a new sexual position you've created — something we'd never find in a 101 sexual positions book.
I call it the "Rhythm Nation 2005," inspired by my choreography idols Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul: Do the snake onto your man and then, like Mos Def said, just bounce.

How Justin Should be Smarter

How to Save the World : Twelve Ways to Think Differently

I like this. It's exactly what a lot of other people in this universe need to read.

That being said, I'm trying on coming up with my own ways to think differently. I'm also trying to come up with my own ways to have more energy. By the time my friend got off work at 12:30 a.m. last night, I was already asleep. Well, maybe that's not too unreasonable considering I woke up at 6:00 a.m. the morning before. I just need to start thinking differently. I need to remember that all of my friends are currently night owls. I need to understand that my job does not allow me to be a night owl, so I better start napping on Friday evening...



Today, I have begun to maximize my commute.  How have I accomplished this wonderful feat?  I have decided that I will start bringing my computer home with me at all time.  How will this maximize my commute?  I can focus on writing, usually while listening to my iPod.  I feel that I never have time to focus on writing.  I'm sure that it's because I'm not devoting enough time, but I just never feel like hopping on my computer when I get home.  I've always got a stack of DVDs waiting for me from Netflix.  It's just nearly the last thing on my mind.  It's been hard on me, and it's been hard on those projects that tend to get neglected.  I think I am keeping up okay on the Live Music Blog, but other projects, like trying to lose my beer gut or start eating healthier just really don't stand a chance with my schedule right now.  With the Live Music Blog though, I've got a friend helping me out with it now, and I think it's really going to pick up.  Plus, I'm almost done celebrating my first podcast release, and I'm excited to see if people respond well to the music.  Download it if you get the chance and give it a listen.  I'd love any and all feedback…

So, now that you understand how my commute is going to be maximized, you need to understand what I'm working with.  This damn laptop must weight five thousand pounds.  Yes, this stupid Dell Latitude.  I know you've seen it.  I'm reminded of this hilarious old-school laptop that a good friend had while we were in college.  Her parents, they really did try and get her something that would stand the test of time, but it just really didn't work.  This laptop must have been purchased during that funny tech period where laserdiscs were still the next thing, and laptops running DOS would still be able to service the average needs of a college student.  Needless to say, my good friend had way too many problems with that thing to list.  Obviously mine is much more powerful and much more relevant, but it is still heavy enough to pinch a nerve in your neck if you wear it around your shoulder.  If you've been issued a laptop at work within the past few years, you've probably received the same one.  Maybe an IBM, but clearly not in the majority from what I've seen.  I wonder if I should both looking that up online and posting a link to the relevant information?  Screw that.  This is a blog.  I don't have to be right all the time…

That's a problem though…

Naturally, I'm a know-it-all.  It's amazing.  Sometimes I actually expect perfection out of the people I know.  PERFECTION.  Nobody's perfect.  Ever.  Not even sometimes.  Everything that you did, will do, might do, think about doing, or have someone else do is always less than perfect.  ALWAYS.  Just remember that…

Could that be true for me, too?  Could I really be nonperfect?  Ugh, that sucks…


Why I'm Hungover

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I had my family over. Not the whole immediate family, but my side for the most part.

Man, I tell you, some Cornhole and Coronas will really allow you to relax effectively. But when you get down to the end of the night and you have an Old Peculiar, it was definitely lights out for Justin. In the good way, though. I felt a little thirsty this morning and I had a little bit of a headache, but other than that I felt okay.

Today, I'm working on my first ever podcast. I'm effectively going to start a podcast where I can mix together some of my favorite songs, while not trying to step on anyone's toes here. It's going to be all about fair use for me.

Some friends are coming over and we're going to get our grill on. I'm super excited...

The Joy of Living in Chicago

As I nurse my hangover this morning (see next post), I wanted to make mention of one great story posted over at the CTA Tattler. If you live in Chicago, you should be reading this blog. It speaks to you. Check it out here.

What if it really was Michael Moore? He's still upset that his movie didn't actually accomplish what it might have. Obviously, that being said, it accomplished more than anyone else would have ever imagined.


Google Napoleon Dynamite and See What You Find

Experience Napoleon Dynamite without ever seeing the movie.

Man, I love Google. I love Flash. I love Napoleon Dynamite. This was what technology was made for!

In all seriousness, I'll get back to real blogging soon...


On this Mother's Day...

...buy organic flowers for Mom

I'm not sure that it would really be worth it, because no one in my immediate family (or extended, for that matter) would even notice that they're organic. In fact, most of my family doesn't seem to pay attention to what's organic and what's not. I try to, but it's just not easy to keep up with only keeping organic groceries in the house.

I do have a different issue when it comes to organic food; I haven't eaten it until now. My entire life, all 23 years of it, has been spent eating frankenfood. Whenever I want to try an organic product, I have to be careful. It might taste crappy when compared to my frankenfood equivalent. It's all mental though. I need to trick my brain back into submission, and teach it that organic food and organic products are good for you. They're good for everyone. They're good for Gaia. Sure.

I'll just keep telling myself that...

I'm Back and Ready for Blogging

Sorry for the extended week-long delay in getting new posts up here. I've just now been reconnected to the internet after a long week down. It's amazing how much I rely on blogging, the internet, cubs.com, my bank, etc. It's only possible through the wonders of this internet, and yet some telecom giants still can't figure out how to link their phone department with their DSL department. Bastards!

Well, It's clear to me that this lack of DSL was keeping me up at night. It's 7:21 a.m. on a Saturday, and I'm wide awake. Yes, I'll probably pass out at 8:00 p.m. tonight due to pure exhaustion. Apparently, that's in my nature.


Lame Poster

Yesterday, my DSL service was shutoff--I moved.

Therefore, posting might be slightly sporadic over the next week. I will have limited access until then, so hopefully I'll have some updates at the end of the week.

That's ya'll...