I'm Sick, Volume II

I'm feeling slightly off today, like this could possibly be flu that I'm experiencing. I think it's close to that possibility. I think it's more than close. I don't feel good, and I hope it is not the flu.

I've decided to add a PayPal button the sidebar to allow site donations. I'd love any donations that you think I deserve. The truth is, I make enough money to support this site. But, with your help, I can make this site better and put more money into maintaining it (including more improved web hosting, increased domain support, live music blog email addresses, etc.). At that point, I could only speculate that it could be overwhelming to maintain a successful blog while working full time. Unless of course you can blog from work (which no one really should be doing unless they expect to lose their job), in which case you would be able to constantly publish while affectionately brown-nosing those above you.

I'll be napping, working, and maybe blogging sporadically today and hopefully not tomorrow.


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