To-Do List, Volume I

This probably isn't really necessary, but I've got a couple items on my to-do list that sprung from my latest little vacation. I loved my time there, and it allowed me to think about a lot of things that were "gnawing at my craw", whatever the hell that means.

  • Keep a journal; This may sound slightly mushy, but it was some of the best advice I've gotten in a while.
  • Keep blogging; This has already started helping. Just check out how cool MtF is now.
  • Update my Summer 2005 show calendar; there are just too many shows right now that look hot. Hopefully I'll have some good experiences to share on the live music blog.
  • (more items once they come to my Theraflu influenced brain)

My florida vacation allowed me to clear a lot out of my head and focus on more things that are important in life, such as sunlight and ocean breezes. Naples is clearly a nice place to live, except for all the extremely bleeding-heart conservatives that seem to run the town (and the news for that matter). Maybe Naples isn't such a good place to live. Any town where I see more than one bumper sticker exclaiming "Viva Bush!" is not my kind of place...


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