I was washing clothes today, and there was one dryer that just finished up. I waited about five minutes, and no one came to the laundry room. So I removed the clothes and put them in the basket that someone left on top of the machine. I was just finishing up putting MY wet laundry in, when the lady who owned the dry clothes comes through the door. I'm like "Sorry I had to move your clothes, community laundry is a bummer. I wasn't sure when someone would come for them." She says (all snotty and pissed) "the dryer was still warm, it wasn't like they had been sitting there for 30 minutes." What was I suppose to do? I am not wasting my Saturday any more than I have to. If you share a laundry room, then set a timer and stay on top of things.

Want to see the best time for Super Mario Bros. 3?

best time


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