welcome new members. the blogspot address where we are currently hosting does not allow you to post pictures. unfortunately, you have to post pictures somewhere else and create a link to it. if our blog becomes cool, we will post pictures in the near future (i'll figure something out).

check out brendan's link. by the way, if you have a link that you'd like to post, you can click the hyperlink button while you're creating your post (it's a globe with a little chain underneath; same hyperlink button you'd see if word or excel) and paste the web address. just make sure to type some text in between the carrots to name your link.

<"a" href="http://www.yahoo.com">ENTER THE NAME OF THE LINK HERE<"/a">

therefore, creating a link that users can click instead of copying and pasting. just an fyi.

also, click the little graph at the bottom of the blog to see our webstats. someone from belgium visited. that's just awesome. gg www.

: justin


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