Sleepin' Late and Lovin' It

Last night, the whole crew came together for a good evening out on the town with some new people that we had never met before. My extra-special friend Pete is in town from Olympia, WA and we met up with some of his friends he met back in Alaska. Extra Special Becky, Neil, Wien, and Heather (and two others who left early and I forgot their name) were the new crew that we met, and we headed out to Ranalli's Up North on Montrose for some pizza.

This was some really incredible pizza for showing up so late; the cooks were still with it last night until we made our trek to the Long Room. We ended up BYOB at Ranalli's (which I need to start doing more often) and got more drunk and vulgar at the Long Room afterwards. Last call was 3:00 a.m. and we went home very happy and drunk. Good times.

Good, new crew, too. We met them through Pete but hopefully that doesn't stifle any further attempts to get together.


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