Lunchtime Fun in the Loop

If you were downtown Chicago yesterday, you might have had an idea that there was going to be massive White Sox parade up LaSalle St. ending in a huge rally at the corner of LaSalle and Wacker.

Chicagoist has a great photo set on Flickr and a good roundup of what happened.

We actually stood a couple blocks north of where the parade began, and we ended up getting about thirty people deep past the parade route. You really couldn't see much. However, they did put Ozzie and the crew up on the top of double-decker buses and you could still make out some familiar faces even though we were far back. Here are some of the photos that Katie took of the parade; good stuff.

The funnest part for me was realizing that hardly anyone I knew actually attended this street party. I work with a bunch of people that were seemingly unwilling to go, which I assume to be hugely unfortunate for them. I know those that did go had a really good time; it's a great feeling to be in a crowd that is just so overjoyed and excited that they're actually climbing onto Port-o-Pottys to get a better look.

Ewww, don't put your hand there, dude!

We had a blast.


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