Blog Switch

I guess the problem with this blog is that I really don't feel the full love. What is the melody to funkytown anyways? I guess that was always a silly name.

I might be switching over the domain publishing on this site and give it a full refresh. Man, that would be dramatic but I guess it just seems that it isn't fully necessary or something. There are plenty of times that I feel that I need to write down something or jot down a thought or archive something that I'd want to see later in life. I want it on the blog. I want it documented. I think I just need to make it more about myself and the what I'm really doing. I forget sometimes.

What did I do last week? You just have a hard time remembering when you get stuck in a certain routine. Seriously, a routine that maybe you felt you could get used to but it just never got easier.

It's amazing anyways but the truth is that this blog needs to change. Right now. I think I need to do something about this...


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