To all the idiots...

...at the White Stripes concert this past Tuesday night in Chicago, please don't stand up and block my view for no good reason. You weren't even dancing. The Auditorium Theater balcony isn't really a fully great spot to stand up to view the show, especially if you're not even friggin' dancing. Remember when I told you to sit down, and then you did?

Listen, I'm all for dancing at a rock concert. I mean, it's not like I'm not doing it all the time. You just have to pick a proper time and a proper venue to really enjoy it. At the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, the balcony was full of people sitting down. The people were sitting down when I got there, and they stayed sitting down the whole time. You just have to conform to the audience that is there or you will definitely have a problem or you will cause a problem.

I'm sorry, I'm not even a conformist. Not even, well probably a little bit. I guess. Maybe.


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