My New iBook G4

Yesterday, I bought a brand new iBook, complete with a 512mb RAM upgrade (from the standard 512mb). Needless to say, this computer is sick!

Apple prides themselves on their innovation, and they're so innovative you can hardly tell what you're actually getting with your purchase. Really, you don't get anything but a nicely formatted, blazing fast 1.33ghz G4 and a box. Plus, we purchased the thing from the Apple store on Michigan Ave., and I think they've got a pretty solid retail outlet there. They have about fifty people in green shirts advertising their latest marketing campaign asking everyone if they need help. We didn't need too much help, so it was relatively quickly that we walked out of there with the new system (and a new printer taboot).

I struggled for a while on the idea that this might not be a necessity for me right now, but I've determined that this could help me with the Live Music Blog. That makes it a necessity, right?

Regardless, I'm using it to create this blog post. I'm already over it.

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