Cubs Might Have a Chance?

Yesterday before the trade deadline occurred, the Cubs traded their newly acquired Jody Gerut for Matt Lawton from the Pittsburgh Pirates. You know it's bad if your own press releases hint at the continued struggles that the Cubbies seemingly face every season...
The Chicago Cubs hope they've found a leadoff man at last.

That line just reads funny to me. "Hope" is the key word there...

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Anonymous mark said...

besides the fact that I didn't like his name, or his face, I'm glad they got rid of Jody as fast as they picked him up. He went like 0-18 batting, and caught like one fly ball. gj. What I've heard of Lawton he sounds like a hopeful leadoff answer to the Corey and Jerry leadoff shuffle. Sounds like he can actually get on base, DLEE will do the rest. Get Nomar, Wood, and Williamson back this Friday, things will be looking good.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

Dude, I know...

I'm psyched; they might start making it a little more interesting for the rest of the season.

12:25 PM  

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