The 40 Year Old Virgin

Last night, I went to see The 40 Year Old Virgin at the Davis Theater. This movie, featuring Steve Carell's first starring role, was quite funny.

Honestly, I even think that this movie could have been either more disgusting (as in the American Pie style of sexual humor) or more romantic (as in the Maid In Manhattan style of chick-ness). I don't necessarily think that it worked to turn it into a romantic comedy at the end, but the movie still had its great, sex comedy cliches everywhere. I would not have expected anything less, so it's great to see that they followed through on some.

I would definitely recommend this movie; it's easily worth the price of admission.



Anonymous Almost 40-year-old virgin said...

Yep, the movie tried to mix two genres together, and it still was a big box office hit.

But I don't think it's raising virgin awareness.

6:14 PM  

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