I'm Busy--Yeah Right

Lately, I know I've been pushing my "I'm Busy" agenda. I don't know what the hell it is, but I think this article might go some lengths to help me figure it out.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Time to switch off and slow down

I think this has been a huge problem for me lately--at work and at home. I start a blog that takes about a year to ramp up and build some traffic and immediately I'm feeling the pressure of information overload. I get busy at my job and immediately I cry wolf that I have too much information and responsibility flowing my way. I know that part of this truth is the abundance of information I'm absorbing everyday that is probably completely irrelevant to me. Yes, the other half of that is my pessemistic tendencies, but that's the subject of a totally different post.

My point is that this is definitely a hard thing to consciously understand. Do you know what information you're currently assuming you cannot do without? Think about that same piece of information and think about it again. Is this information making your life easier? More enjoyable? Funnier? Jammier? I think in a lot of situations I'll be learning the opposite. And that's cool...


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