On this Mother's Day...

...buy organic flowers for Mom

I'm not sure that it would really be worth it, because no one in my immediate family (or extended, for that matter) would even notice that they're organic. In fact, most of my family doesn't seem to pay attention to what's organic and what's not. I try to, but it's just not easy to keep up with only keeping organic groceries in the house.

I do have a different issue when it comes to organic food; I haven't eaten it until now. My entire life, all 23 years of it, has been spent eating frankenfood. Whenever I want to try an organic product, I have to be careful. It might taste crappy when compared to my frankenfood equivalent. It's all mental though. I need to trick my brain back into submission, and teach it that organic food and organic products are good for you. They're good for everyone. They're good for Gaia. Sure.

I'll just keep telling myself that...


Blogger Justin said...

Why is it good for me to eat organic foods and then eat frankenfoods when I can't find an organic equivalent?

The products will get better, but in the meantime, organic food producers need to focus on adding natural taste that tastes good. I'm sure that's actually one of their biggest challenges.

8:35 AM  

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