CTA of Death

Lately, there have been many suicides and suicide attempts on the CTA. Why are people increasingly choosing the CTA as their preferred form of suicide?

Easter Sunday suicide on the Irving Park Brown Line? That's my new EL stop, actually. Starting May 1, that's the CTA stop that I will frequent the most. It just upsets me to even think that this is a possibility and something I might need to prepare for while riding public transportation. Did it always used to be like this? I've only lived in Chicago proper for about two years, and I obviously never paid attention to issues like this while I was growing up in the suburbs.

At any rate, it's a horribly depressing thought to think that at any given moment on any given CTA platform in Chicago, some random attention-seeker is choosing to end their life in one of the most disturbing and depressing ways possible. I like life. I don't want it to end. I wish they felt the same way...


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