Who Blogs?

A lot of blogs that I've been reading lately really suggest that a lot of questions need to be answered now that blogs are getting traditional media attention. My favorite was Dave Pell's blog on Who is a Blogger?--how many lines you could actually draw to determine who makes up this so-called "Blogger" group is definitely staggering.

Thanks to Michael Moore, I now know that this guy is a blogger. Someone actually "blogging" in the physical world that we all know and love about the lies and greed of the Bush administration. FREEWAYBLOGGER.com. This is awesome.

Rosie O'Donnell is now a blogger. This is just funny to me. Although, why should I ever think this is funny? I should think it's funny that someone who has recently gotten completely fed up with their industry and their stature within the industry should want to write about it without anyone editing their content? Well, the answer is no, I shouldn't.

The scary part shown on her blog is how many comments are so hateful and disgusting; do these people have nothing better to do than try and hurt Rosie O'Donnell. Once Adored at Blogspot. That's just hugely depressing, and it shows how fame can really change a person's life and their outlook. Here's the NY Times article on the subject.

I mean, come on people! She was sort of funny in A League of Their Own. Let's not completely chastise her for it's lackluster performance at the box office.


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