Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale is the Best Beer Ever

Last night, we got together with some friends and picked up some Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale. In case you didn't know, this beer is 9.6% alcohol by volume. Needless to say, two of these was plenty for me. We had quite a good time, watched most of the Umphrey's McGee Live at Skyline Stage DVD. We walked home in some super cold weather, and I ended up sleeping a lot less than I would have wanted. I just got up from my afternoon nap, and I'm waiting for my ride to a Thai restaurant on Montrose. I'm starving...


Blogger Justin said...

We drank some more of this last night. Quite tasty, yet again.

This is definitely my new beer of choice, and I'm currently drawing up plans to spread the Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale gospel all around the country.

10:02 AM  

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