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Does anyone know of a good resource for podcasting that explains what music I can use, etc.? I'm looking to start my own, and I'm curious as to what I need to know to get the bands to okay my usage. I know that I could use their live shows, which are freely distributed. But, technically, I'm still rebroadcasting this music, so doesn't it mean that I have to pay them something?

Just wondering.

I'm going to get to Google on this. I'm sure Adam Curry knows. I'll ask him.


Anonymous Greg said...

If you want to play commercially licensed music on your podcast, you technically should get an ASCAP license for podcasts:


Its $288 a year, and if you go commercial with your podcast, there are some additional %'s and royalties that are part of the terms.

You can of course play any "pod safe" non-licensed music. I usually shoot an email to the band and let them know so they can check it out - they love it.

Have fun podcasting, its a blast!

5:46 PM  
Blogger Justin said...

That's awesome. I'm excited about this actually.

That seems very reasonable to be able to put that out with a license that allows small-time streamers and podcasters to put out their love. I'm excited again.

6:33 PM  

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