Justin's Weekend Roundup

This weekend was great. Friday night, I ate nachos at Qdoba with Katie. If you don't know how good Qdoba is, I'm sorry to hear. It's probably one of the best fast food places in the country. Yes, I know it is technically owned by the same corporation as Jack in the Box. But, I swear it tastes good. They make these ooowy-goowy nachos that just naturally melt in your mouth, as well as your stomach. In the good way, of course. They make you feel fat after you're done eating them. Yes, they're that good. Then, because it was about to rain in Chicago, we came back to our place and relaxed. Even though most people in Chicago go out to party on the weekends, I find that people are scary in the city. There's too many of them. And, a lot of them are looking for their next hookup. I blogged a couple times. Katie crocheted a scarf. It was sweet.

Saturday was interesting, because we actually had to get up and leave the house by noon. I don't think I've made it out before noon on a weekend all winter. Chicago does it to me. I get addicted to sitting on my ass. Seriously, I get used to it.

My landlord is currently selling my apartment right out from under me. The condo association here decided that they didn't like us because we were renting, so they added a bylaw after we were already moved in that limited the amount of time that you can rent for. Idiots.

I blogged on and off all day. Saturday night lead to a game of Asshole, which proved problematic for me. I was again drinking Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale, and I was pleasantly lulled into a drunken stupor well before I felt it was my time. The funny thing is, the small party that was dispersed at the same time (shortly thereafter) I decided it was time to call it a night. The walk home was cold, The Big Lewbowski has about ten minutes left on it, and cheesy garlic bread tastes good at midnight. Yes, midnight. I'm that crazy.

This morning, I practiced with two-thirds of The Shift, one very sweet up-and-coming Chicago band. We're starting a side project, and so far it's sounding very promising. There's almost too much potential at the moment, so our tangents are less directed than they should be. But, in time, we'll see exactly where it should be headed musically. So far, we're all very pleased with the results.

It's 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, and I'm about to begin reading about how to put on my own podcast. Also, I'm going to finish Fast Food Nation by Eric Schossler. Also, I'm going to start studying for the CPA exam.
Yeah right.


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