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My last vacation to Naples, FL allowed me to start reading Wired magazine. I've never gotten into it before, although I've read their blogs and definitely decided it was time to start reading it. The cover story was about Firefox, the internet browser that has started to chip away at Microsoft Internet Explorer's marketshare. If you don't know that, you've been living in an internet cave.

Today, I gladly explained to a coworker that I was aware of a tool that allowed you to print anything you wanted from a computer into a PDF document. "It's free," I said. "You can print anything from you PC directly to a PDF document." I was so proud of myself. I did give her a disclaimer before I gave her the vital piece of information. "Now, I'm telling you to install this software. I have no authority to do that, so don't hold me accountable for anything." I'm sure that made a good hell of a difference, you betcha!

Open source software is definitely what the internet was made for, and I love participating in the using of things that are free. It's really a win-win situation. Developers get to code and make cool stuff--"geek out" as some would call it. People like me that don't like to pay for software when we don't have are able to download and use free, awesome software. Like I said. Win-Win.

If you haven't already, please download Firefox. You're stupid if you don't.

Some of my other favorites include (but are certainly not limited to):


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