Geico Loves Making Me Laugh

Last night, my friends, family, and I all laughed our asses off while discussing Geico TV commercials. If I'm correct, none of us are Geico customers. Why, you ask, do we sit around discussing TV commercials?

I'm asking myself that same question. That was something I never expected to think was so funny. That is the kind of job where Geico has accomplished exactly as they set out to do; make people laugh and make people feel good about Geico. Their commercials are so good that it overshadows every bad thing I've heard about them. Believe me, I've heard some bad things about them that would make me not want to be their customer. But, the commercials somehow make it better for me. For all of us. For all of you.

I want to become a marketer. That way, I can impact people without them knowing I'm impacting them. That sounds awesome...


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