Blogging While Working Somewhere

I keep seeing articles on blogging and the effect it can have for the blogger's careers; I have to say that it has definitely been on my mind. I work with some top executives that just would maybe be curious. I'd like to just set the record completely straight.
The views expressed on Melody to Funkytown represent the opinions, thoughts, links, and interests of Justin Ward only. The views found on this site do not ever represent the opinion, views, or thoughts of my employers, friends, acquaintances, enemies, or family. Please don't ever think that I'm trying to spread an agenda that is anything but my own and only my own.

Actually, I hope that blogging can someday be good for my career. I'd love to get my employer to think about the power of blogging in today's society; they really do think that it's going to replace email at some point (that's definitely to a certain extent).


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