7:00 a.m. on a Monday Morning

Yep, it's that time of the week again. When I was in high school and college, I swear I thought working full-time would always be easier than working and attending school. I always thought that I was switching gears too much. Half a day at school, half a day at work. Three hours at work, two classes, then homework. It always felt like it was a lot of keep straight, but it wasn't overly difficult.
Working full-time must be easier than attending college full-time.

Here's some words of wisdom from someone who graduated high school and college a semester earlier than expected (thereby, finishing school one year earlier than I needed to), working full-time is not easier. Even though you might be doing what you love, when you have to sit in a room and do the same thing for eight hours, you're going to find it difficult sometimes.

What's funny, lately, I haven't found my job to be the most difficult part. It's the concept of work. It's hard for me. Maybe it's hard for everyone, but it sure as shit doesn't seem like it knowing some of the people I know. It's the Office Space mentality that I so embrace. "Human beings weren't meant to be on the other end of a computer screen in a cubicle for 2,080 hours a year." That's a lot of time. Now, do I know the answer to the follow-up question? No, I'm not sure what human beings were originally meant to do. That's the subject of some churchy blog somewhere.

I'm just glad I remember things like this. It seems that all they tought me in college was that I should retire as soon as possible by saving as much money as possible for as many years as possible. Seriously, many different professors told me that. Do you think they were trying to instill a solid work ethic into us? At the time, all they were trying to tell us was...
Quit working as soon as you can. There's more to life, and I wish I could have experienced what I thought I might have been able to do when I was young.

It seems as though I'm writing negatively. Am I never going to be happy working for the man? Is my self-inflicted problem with authority really causing me to doubt the concept of work?
Everyone has to work, Justin. Don't think you're that special.

There's a lot of ins, lot of outs, what-have-yous that are currently swimming around in ol' Duder's head right now.


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