Sunday, February 27, 2005

Survivor Palau: Episode 2 Review

** Updated **

Last night after getting home from vacation, Katie and I turned on our Tivo'd copy of episode two from Survivor Palau. So far, this show has proven to keep to its word by continually serving the same format. I think that after this season, we're bound to see a change in format or else people are going to get bored. By people, I mean "not me".

I thought of the idea right now that I should start reviewing the Survivor episodes this season as I watch them. I briefly touched on it before, and maybe it really doesn't need to be reviewed, but I still think it would be fun.

Here's the summary for CBS themselves...

Having to suffer through their second consecutive Tribal Council, the Ulong tribe banded together to vote out a member who appeared to have lost her will. Tired and depleted, Ashlee Ashby, the 22-year-old student from Easley, South Carolina, refused to eat or join her tribe in celebrating the welcome addition of fire to camp. Ashlee's quiet detachment worried her Ulong tribemates into casting the six votes that eliminated her from SURVIVOR: PALAU. After watching her torch snuffed out, Ashlee simply admitted, "I think they all sensed that I was ready to go home."

Really, this was no surprise to those of watching the episode. Once they caught their first set of fish (as Ulong won the reward challenge garnering flint and an underwater mask, snorkel and fishing spear), Ashlee didn't actually want to eat. "No...I'm not hungry" were her words, basically telling everyone clearly and concisely "I feel like shit and I'm not going to be any use to you in the near future". I guess it's easy to critique from the outside, but this was just not well played on her part. Believe me, I wouldn't last ten seconds on any Survivor season.

Hopefully I've got some more of these reviews left in me to write once the season starts getting REALLY good.

Update: Here's some roundup for you...

Survivor Frenzy: Episode 2 Part I, Episode 2 Part II


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