Eiger Dreams by Jon Krakauer

I just finished yet another amazing Jon Krakauer book. I really love the way this guy writes. He's an expert on the subject, so it makes his nonfiction that much more moving...(if that even makes sense)

Me doing a book review doesn't make sense.
Me fail English? That's unpossible.

See what I mean. The truth is that I'm not a huge reader. And I love reading Jon Krakauer books. I believe that he really lives two lives; he's a double personality in certain ways. On the one hand, he's dedicated a lot of his life to climbing the world's tallest and most dangerous mountains. And on the other hand, he writes about his adventures and those companions or legends that he associates himself with seriously introspection (edit: is that word?), always leaving it up the reader to decide whether or not these people are nuts or just slightly maniacal.

I'd like to see what he writes next, if anything at all...


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