Comments for Attention, Not Participation

When reading other, more popular blogs for my inspiration, links, and more inspiration, I can't help but notice why some of them disable comments or do not allow comments across the board. Obviously due to the overwhelming amount of comment spam associated with Movable Type, Blogger has it's advantages (along with using Haloscan) in the way their comments are validated.

I see it on Dooce. I see it on Eschaton. It seems to me that to a certain degree, blogging is about participation, in turn allowing more people to link to your blog and posts through comments and trackbacks to fellow bloggers. But, it's sad to think that some actually do it blindly. I've seen myself many times pinging blogs that might not have a completely direct link to something I just wrote. Is that wrong?

I think it is wrong when people are just commenting just to see their name on a blog. True participation should respond to what the blogger has written, postulized, hypothesized, analyzed, verbalized, etc.


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