Book Purchases-a-Plenty

While my vacation was scheduled to be over today anyways, the rain in Naples, FL came earlier than the forecasts anticipated. For once, I wish the meteorologists were super wrong and not only slightly wrong all the time. It started raining here overnight; no one expected the rain until late afternoon, so our sunblocked sun soaking was cut completely short.

To pass our remaining hours in southern Florida, we stopped by Borders to pick up some goodies for the plain ride home. The plain trip is only two hours, and I'm almost done with Eiger Dreams by Jon Krakauer. "Time for more books!"

I picked up the March issue of Wired, featuring enough tech talk to easily go over my head. But, the first issue I've ever picked up of Wired proved to be pretty good, so I think I'm going to get a full subscription to this bad boy. Also, I picked up the following books (in no particular order)...

Let's hope I actually read them and don't leave them on my small bookshelf collecting dust. The only thing with reading for me is that is usually makes me drowsy. In college, I had to start only studying in the morning or early afternoon. The second I had a full belly from dinner and I cracked open my accounting textbooks, I was yawning much more than basic human productivy laws allow.


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