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Audio of Ken Jennings' loss
Once again, Kottke's got the sweet inside on this loss that has shaken the Jeopardy community.

Go here to protest on inauguration day [via Michael Moore]

Drudge Report 2005
It is the media's job to scoop.

SpongeBob kidnapped from restaurant [via a.whole...]

Thanksgiving Day in Chicago
I love that Tom Skilling, the weatherman for WGN News, has his own Moveable Type blog. Check this baby out!

Hot Doug's in Chicago will be reopening in January
They're moving locations, too. Be sure to check this place out next time you're looking for a weiner.

The Apprentice girls posing for Maxim
Well, they might be good looking and all, but they're all idiots. They really picked a bunch of losers for this season of The Apprentice, and I think that it'll show in the ratings. This show is not going to continue on for much longer.


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