here's my improvements for blogger.com

google has announced that they will be holding a focus group to discuss and test new features of blogger. since i cannot drive to mountain view, ca -- i've heard it's awesome there and i'm sure that i'll be interested in moving to california at some point in my life -- i will give you my feedback now. i'm also going to drop a disclaimer...i think i'm capable of adding some of the improvements listed below, but i'd like to see them implemented on the blogger system. it was so user friendly to me at first, but i feel that i have far surpassed it in blog customization (for a relative web novice). therefore, they should and need to make definite changes to keep up with the other sexier blog tools coming out daily...
  1. please, please, please add category posting. i love blogger's usability, and i think the new features keep on coming. that being said, category posting is just good bloggin'. it makes so much sense that a good weblog would be indexed in a way that allows the most amount of people to access it in the way that they feel like accessing it (rss feeds, category browsing, post emailing, etc.).
  2. i think something is slightly up with the template republishing system. maybe it's blogger's system in general, but it goes down way too much. if google cannot stabilize the servers that host that millions of blogger blogs, then i worry for their future.
  3. minor customizations
  • customization of the "email this post" button (or at least, other options besides a big, stupid white envelope -- would a sleeker, stylish looking envelope icon be too hard?)
  • other than atom rss feeds -- not that i have a serious problem with atom or i can't get my feed via feedburner. this is just a given. blogger could easily do this. i'm guessing that they choose not to. they should offer bloggers different choices, as readers like different choices.
as said before, i like blogger. i have read the movable type instructions for learning how to import entries from blogger. don't make me do it...

update: duh, i almost forgot about trackback. get with the times blogger. yes, i know i can go to haloscan.com and get some free comments and trackback. but this should be part of the blogger system already...


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