sex, pot, rock and roll
so, uhm, why have i not signed up for this yet?

movable type 3.1 still a developer edition?
i've still been toying with the idea of moving melody to funkytown over to movable type. the thing is, it's definitely nice to rely on movable type, as it runs on its own server. this, as opposed to blogger, which features frequent outages. i think they need to start limiting the people that can create a blogger account.

the wild rumpus has begun!
totally awesome use of my favorite children's book, where the wild things are.

the larry king osama bin laden interview
for one split second, i thought mr. sun had the exclusive.

bill clinton to undergo bypass surgery
so, this is caused by junk food? i better watch out. mental note: start eating food that is good for me. i'm reminded of that wonderful skit on saturday night live when "clinton" visits a mcdonalds and eats off everyone's plate.


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