mtv video music awards play-by-play
this really did suck a lot. although, i wish i would have caught outkast. ghettomusik > hey ya! that sounds tight.

indians 22 - yankees 0
ouch. that one hurts. the worst shut out in american league history.

fired for blogging
maybe if this occurred at some lame public accounting firm, i would understand this. it just seems weird that a company credited with helping the social software wave move forward would take two steps back by firing one of their employees for blogging.

geneva sex assault culprit sought in batavia
this occurred probably less than a quarter-mile from where i grew up. truly depressing, scary, and all out weird. this sort of thing just doesn't happen in geneva.

alan keyes is a complete idiot
i really really think that he's an idiot. republican, democrat, whatever.

ruff ruff ruff!
maybe this blogging stuff has gotten out of control (see here, here, and here)

dave matthew's band lyrics that suddenly have taken on new meaning
too funny.

i'd like to thank kottke.org for a lot of my links today. i wonder how he finds some of this stuff.

on an unrelated note, i did not have dsl service all day yesterday. torture. i didn't realize how much i rely on this technology to stay in touch with the world, friends, news, blogs, etc. i practically had a breakdown. well, there's probably other reasons for that.


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