ipod culture

i'm definitely interested in buying an ipod. i really don't know what is stopping me so much. i have roughly 30gb of music on my hard drive. this would lead me to believe that i could easily fill up a good portion of any size ipod and i could bring it on my way. that would be awesome. i know my brother-in-law has an ipod mini. can anyone give me an feedback for why i should not own an ipod with the current state of the digital and portable music? just curious obviously.

also, i'm thinking about devoting myself full-time to an ipod related blog. the problem is, i'm spreading myself too thin i believe. i'm interested in music. i'm interested in technology. i'm interested in politics and liberal ideas. can i really expect to write about all these topics all at once and at the same time? all the while maintaining a meaningful relationship with my wife and being successful in my career? i don't think so. bummer.


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