freeipods woes

so, nobody i know has "completed" their offer yet. i'm going forward with asking for another round of people to help me on my quest. if you think that this is not legitimate, then please go to google and type in free ipods. believe me, this is completely legit. it's just a matter of convincing the people you know that it is legit (which i seem to have a problem with). i'm also running into the problem that people i know that have purchased ipods are unwilling to help me, as they feel that would be unfairly awarding me for my "cheapness" and allowing me to collect that prize that they had to work so diligently for. well my friends, i ask of you, please sign up for my free ipods link and click "complete offer". i suggest the infone link or the aol link. seriously though, just do ten seconds worth of research on the internet and you'll find that it is legit. as you can see by my previous posts, i'm itching and dieing to get me an ipod. i'll probably purchase one soon just because i'm impatient.


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