umphrey's mcgee - skyline stage - 8.6.04

so, i just saw two great umphrey's mcgee shows. man, i love this band. i'm telling you...if you like music, you like umphrey's mcgee. too bad the same cannot be said for their crowd. something about the crowd just sucked. could it have been the idea that too many show up to these shows in a drug-induced stupor and end up ruining a good time not only for themselves but the people around them. maybe. maybe i'm getting old. that's probably a more likely situation.

but i don't like to think that i'm getting old. too old to enjoy drunk people throwing slices of cheese at a band that they love to sing along with? yes; that i can say with the utmost certainty. it's really unfortunate. at any rate, read my review and weigh in on how you think it sounds. as always, i welcome all feedback on the blog and how you guys think it's looking.

now playing: phish - you enjoy myself


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