the tribe has spoken

there's something special to me about the show survivor. i've been watching it religiously since the middle of season five, and i really just can't get enough of it. there's the psychology involved that i really enjoy watching; what will these people do or say to each other to possibly win a million dollars. and the truth is, i really don't enjoy other reality shows (edit: i do like the apprentice for obvious reasons; carolyn looks hotter in season two previews). for some reason, survivor really hits home with me. i think the best thing about it for me is that i get to live vicariously through these people. can anyone that knows me attest to the idea that there's no way i could survive out in an island off the coast of south america, boiling water, starting fires, being around annoying people, being around mean people, eating bugs, swimming for food? can i get an amen?

-- survivor: vanuatu cast announcement : yahoo news --

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